fot. Nikodem Szymański
Warsaw (fot. Nikodem Szymański)

I always promised myself that I will write such post. That I will maybe actually even make such a series about my places in the cities. I even started it one day looong time ago and I wrote this very short post about Vienna. But this one should be a little longer, I hope. Yalla yalla! Let’s go!

17 reasons why I like Warsaw (in a very random order of my mind’s flow):

1. my’o’my – a cafe in which I’ve spent a lot of time working, but also meeting friends; offering the best smoothies in Warsaw (I always ask for a surprise-one becasue I can never decide which one I want) and the best brownie-cheese-cake that is a combination of two-best-cakes-ever-invented: brownie & cheesecake combined!

2. Yoga on Foksal and Dluga St. – my yoga school in Warsaw. I used to practise in there and I always come back there when I need I feel a school to practise.

3. Kinoteka – my most-often-visited movie theatre in Warsaw, numbers of movies watched over there. In the Palace of Culture and Science. I also like the card they offer whcih makes cinema visits much cheaper (matters quite a lot if the visit are frequent). There are other cinemas I visited a few times: Kino Luna, Muranów, Atlantic and even fewer times I’ve been to KC and Kino Wisła. And I don’t think I’ve visited any other cinema in here.

4. The Palac of Culture and Science itself. I guess it doesn’t even require a comment.

fot. Beata Lechowicz
The Palace of Culture and Science at my back (fot. Beata Lechowicz)

5. Krowarzywa – the first (and best for me) place offering vegan burgers in the city. And even better vegan ice-creams! Yummy!

6. Czuły Barbarzyńca – lovely book cafe. A place like I dream about opening myself one day in the future.

7. MSN (the Museum of Contemporary Art) – I even like their building, although I’m obviously supporting their struggle for a new one. I like them especially for their always interesting exhibitions. Simply. Which other museums and galleries in Warsaw? Zachęta is awesome as well. And I always wanted to visit Leica Gallery, but never managed. Polin never managed as well. Aha, and CSW Zamek Ujazdowski has been visited by me from time to time.

8. Łazienki – it feels good to have this huge park in the center of the city.

fot. Beata Lechowicz
In Łazienki (fot. Beata Lechowicz)

9. Vistula river – and the fact that more and more is happening around her. The beaches. And Barka is over there as well.

10. Other Warsawian cafes:

  • Cafe Kulturalna & Bar Studio – both within the Palace of Culture and Science. Each of the different, both equally cool.
  • Relax Cafe Bar – becasue not that many people know about it and it happened that I’ve spent the whole days over there.
  • Mam ochotę – awesome because a local one, not in a city center, but in Ochota district.
  • Green Coffee Nero – the only cafe chain I really like! And especially the cafe on Bracka St. – it used to be my office for half a year!

11. Wola – that is my district. Not the best one, not the favourite one, but mine. Eventually its name is part fo my surname, so it should not be surprising. I used to live in this district for most of my time in Warsaw, so I have quite a lot of sentiment towards it.

12. Świętokrzyski Bride – I’ve loved it since the very beginning of my Warsaw adventure. Especially in the night time and especially on a bicycle. No matter what, it’s always beautiful.

fot. Nikodem Szymański
Świętokrzyski Bridge (fot. Nikodem Szymański)

13. Kopernik Science Center – I liked it during the evening for adults only and after I’ve spent an hour in their planetarium. A magical hour.

14. Groole – the best potatoes in the city!

15. Plac Zbawiciela – for the rainbow that is not there anymore.

fot. Beata Lechowicz
Plac Zbawiciela and the rainbow that is not there anymore (fot. Beata Lechowicz)

16. Bike lanes along the Vistula river – hours and hours and hours cycled!

17. Żoliborz & Praga – districts in which I’m always getting lost.

Numerous other places come to my mind right now – well, I’ve lived here for over four years.

What are your favourite spots in Warsaw?

Warsaw, 9 September 2015