chapter 8: croatia (2)

(Yet) untold Croatian stories

I won’t tell you the story of Martina, a librarian from a small Dalmacian town Vodice. I wanted to ask what does she like in her work the most. And how did that happen that she decided to be a librarian.

I won’t tell you about Iva from Sibenik and how ESN network in Croatia is organized. I also wanted to know about the student life around, she must know all about it! And about Nina, a local journalist from the same city. Continue reading “(Yet) untold Croatian stories”

Hitting the road again

I was definitely a mistress of logistics. In one hour I have figured out how to pack all my stuff in a way which will later on allow me to easily repack it at the bus station. Everything has fitted tightly in four panniers and one backpack. It was late after midnight when I went to sleep.

The alarm rang at 4 am. I woke up thinking that.. maybe not. Continue reading “Hitting the road again”

A very personal story..

When leaving home some weeks ago to be back on the road, I’ve got a package of envelops from my sister. Each of them was signed with a date and Karolina told me that I was not allowed to open them earlier than what it says. Even though it was pretty difficult, I managed to resist the temptation. So far.

Few minutes ago I have opened the one signed as “February 2016”. Continue reading “A very personal story..”

Saying goodbye to Krk

I knew it was going to be a very long day. I have prepared a huge amount of porridge with banana and apple pieces and a hand of walnuts mixed with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. My regular elevenses. An onion, a clove of garlic and a few beans were added into the buckwheat I have planned for lunch. The clock in the church tower struck midnight, twelve times with still the same single bell. Continue reading “Saying goodbye to Krk”


I turned the key in the lock and pressed the handle. The breath of chill air was noticeable. I placed the package I was holding in my hand on the sofa and fired the gas. The pot with beans soup was getting warmed up on one of the torches, the hibiscus tea with a few salvia leafs was cooking on the other one. I was so hungry that I was voraciously eating the fresh, still warm bread I have just bought a few minutes earlier, not being able to stop myself and wait until the soup will already be warm. Continue reading “Lunch”

The lesson of happiness in practice

I could hear the chime of the church bell every half an hour. Twelve times at midnight. A small church bell striking his heart against the bells’ brims. Half an hour later only once again, symbolically. I was lying down in bed covered by a thick blanket up to my nose. I had only eyes and hands outside of the cover. I kept writing although my fingers were getting numb of cold. The halogen radiator was shining into my direction. It had three ribs but one didn’t work, so only two were heating the room. Continue reading “The lesson of happiness in practice”


The distance stopped to matter that much. What started to matter much more were hills and mountains, in a very new dimension. Every single move of the knee was bringing pain. It only didn’t hurt when cycling down the hill. It hurt a bit less when cycling a flat road. But cycling up the hill was nothing but a nightmare. Going off the bike was a terribly painful new experience. So was going on. So was going up and down the stairs. Continue reading “Pain”


It looks like the winter sun at Krk is whimsical and appears only when it feels like. Today it was mainly hidden behind the clouds, which kept the air slightly chilly, when the sun was gone. My hands were getting frozen without the gloves, so I kept blowing on them from time to time while walking across the deserted streets. Innumerable signs were waving sadly, still inviting the passer-by to book a night, buy a souvenir, try the local delicious food.. but the entrances remained closed. Continue reading “Krk”

Welcome to Krk

I was sitting at the only one stair in front of Market Maja, typing message on my mobile to let Marta know that I have just arrived. “Hey, we’ve been looking for you!” – I have suddenly heard so I lifted my head up. I saw a short girl and a tall guy in front of me, both smiling. “This is Ivan, a friend of mine. I am Marta. We are heading to our buddies, so just come join us. Let’s take your bike to the garden first”. Continue reading “Welcome to Krk”

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