chapter 5: slovenia

Maribor, Slovenia

Maja, Goran, Borut, Simona – that is a story about my last two days in Slovenia, about how it happened that I got invited for a dinner and how I madly fell in love with this country

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Kungota, Slovenia: Peter and his little magical house

Peter's old house that doesn't exist anymore
Peter’s old house that doesn’t exist anymore

He seemed to be a dreamer living in a magical fairy tale house. When I saw this house on a picture, I knew I had to do everything to come here. I stopped thinking about Maribor, stopped thinking about anything else. This little red brick, red roof house surrounded by the trees and a see of grass, brought back all my longings for the village life. My countryside soul started calling and yelling and as she is the one that peacefully coexists with the city girl soul in me, I knew it was time to feed this one as well.

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