chapter 4: austria

“The Happy Show” by Stefan Sagmeister

I recently typed in Google “Visiting Vienna for free” to see what can you do in the Austrian capitol for free. It was Sunday and it turned out that on Tuesday one of the Viennese museums opens for free between 6 and 10 pm. I haven’t actually checked at but planned to spend the evening visiting it.

The crowd in front of MAK (that is The Museum of Applied Arts) was not surprising – I already queued to MoMA and other New Yorker museums and galleries at the hours of a free antrance. But it wasn’t actually bad at all – two minutes and I was in!

And what was in was much much more that I could have ever expected!

It turned out that I was participating at the opening night of the exhibition called “The Happy Show” by a New Yorker artist of an Austrian origin – Stefan Sagmeister (about whom – as a proper alumna of cultural studies, sighhh – I have never heard before (sometimes I really feel an ignorant, really!)). So I’ve done the research only after being back home.

Few words about the artist (if you also happen not to be familiar with his art):

Sagmeister was born in 1962, studied graphic design in Vienna, but after receiving a Fulbrigh scholarschip to New York, has never came back to work in Vienna. He happened to live and work in Hong-Kong and Italy, but it is New York that turned into his art base.

He is an artist and a typograher, co-founder of a design firm called Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. He designed the album covers for Lou Reeda, The Rolling Stones, Davida Byrne’a, Aerosmith and Pata Metheny’ego. Wikipedia says that: “Several years ago he decided to dedicate 25% of his work to the art world, things like books and publications for galleries, another 25% to the scientific community, 25% to social causes, and the remaining quarter has stayed dedicated to the music industry.” Quite cool, huh?

But let’s get down to business!

This is how the entrance to the exhibition looked like:

Stefan Sagmeister "The Happy Show"
Stefan Sagmeister “The Happy Show”

And it was only better later on:

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Day 41 of the travel (25 October) that is Day 1 in Vienna & in Austria accordingly


Vienna, 25 October 2015

On the way from Breclav to Vienna

Part 1: 8 am

Eight o’clock in the morning we started our ride with Martina. It was pretty awesome that she decided to join me for the morning. It’s so much easier and so much different, when someone is just accompyning you on the way.

Martina took me to Lednice-Valtice, the region which I have never heard about before and I don’t know a single person (at least yeat!) that would have told me that they have heard about it actually. That’a a mistake! That was definitely one of the most amazing, inspiring, foggy, unexpected, beautiful rides I’ve had so far! Just look at these photos:

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