chapter 4: austria

Graz, Austria

I called my granny from Graz. It looks like she was really happy about it: “Oh, my dear Kasia! – she said the moment she had heard me – all the best for your namesday! I wish you have your mind back on its place soon and not continue this crazy trip” – sounded her first sentence.

I myself hope my mind will not be back still for some time though!

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Graz with Malte & Alex

How many flags can you recognize?
How many flags can you recognize?

Malte is a DJ. He studies sustainable urban development – that is how to plan the city’s development in order to make it develop more sustainably economical- and socialwise. That simply means – more people-friendly. He currently focuses on co-working issue, a really cool concept, quite close to me at the moment although I have only once worked in a co-working place (maybe you remember, it was in Krakow, late July, and I was writing there a scenario to the video promoting this trip – wow, that was light years ago!). Continue reading “Graz with Malte & Alex”

On the way from Hartberg to Graz

On the way from Hartberg to Graz
On the way from Hartberg to Graz

I wish I could show you this way from Hartberg to Graz.. But I cannot. I took a few pictures with my telephone, but the picture taken with a telephone is not the same as the picture taken with a proper camera. Those mountains that prostrate and force you to stop every mountain at least five times. The steaming hot tea, because when there is -1 Celcius degree, the tea evaporates like crazy. This moment when I had to pause, becasue I just realized that I simply don’t feel my toes, so actually I guess I should stop and try to warm them up with my hands if the trekking socks and trekkings shoes don’t work well enough at the moment. This moment of happiness when I reached the nameplate “Graz” (ok, it was not sooo difficult) and it happened for the first time to do it so early (14.00!) and I could take the photo for the first time in the last many days.

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Hartberg with Uli

Today I got to know about another bike adventure. Such an inspiration! Kasia and Andrzej just got into the plane to Melbourne, where they are planning to start their bike trip back to Poland. I have to admit – I like it! Even more than very much! I’ve read their whole blog (short one so far), got inspired, noted a few things to my personal notebook. And now I just want to share it with you – in order for you to know abou such amazing things people do! Just check it out here.

But before Kasia and Andrzej decieed for this tripe, they’ve been in another one. And there was this sentence, like an enlightment for me, that had explained everything I couldn’t understand before that. The sentence was (my translation): “In Singar we were doing everything, what cyclicts do in their free day – we were eating and sleeping”.

This is how my free time usually looks like, especially since I lefe Modling. I really wanted to see Ternitz, but I wasn’t (physically) able to do so (simply too tired). I gave myself two days for Hartberg – and I managed 1,5 hours walk. Luckily that’s kind of enough for the 6,5-thousand inhabitants city to see all its attractions.

But it still seemed kind of weird for me – how can I all the time be so sleepy? And here came the answer – maybe when you spend 10 hours on a bicycle, it’s not so weird to be in a need of rest and you are even allowed to play “Eat-Sleep-Repeat” game the following day?

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On the way from Ternitz to Hartberg

I don’t know how this happens that almost every time I make those additional 20 Km.. I slowly stop believing that it might be different one day. It probably won’t.

Maybe it’s because the maps I have are not good and detailed enoguh? Maybe because my maps don’t show all the villages and roads, so it happens that I have to choose the way by intuition – which sometimes is right and sometimes is wrong? Or maybe I just have not good enough orientation? I don’ know. But what matters the most, I guess, is that I eventually make it. At least I made so far.

Yesterday morning started early. I got some of my stuff packed the previous night already, got up at 7.00, packed the rest and around 8.00 we started breakfast with Christoph – that was also continuation about everything in German.

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Ternitz (Austria) with Christoph & Lucia

Breakfast with Luci and Christoph in Ternitz
Breakfast with Lucia and Christoph in Ternitz

The one day I’ve spent in Ternitz was terribly lazy. I was as lazy as I only could! Ok, maybe not that much – I have eventually written one text and I kept speaking German (almost) all the time, which – after many years of not using it at all, was quite intellectual fun. On the other hand – I kept sleeping, falling asleep and walking sleeping with eyes wide open. Yes, the volunteering, a few sleepless nights, early morning – they all resulted in here.

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On the way from Moedling to Ternitz


With Omar
With Omar – the staff member

It was really difficult to leave. Really. I guess it was the first time when I really didn’t want to leave. I tried to recall how it felt like when I was leaving Warsaw and I remembered it was also not easy. But back then it helped that there was no one saying goodbye the moment I was leaving. I managed to say goodbye earlier to all my friends so I could only concentrate on myself. The only thing I had ahead was an adventure  – the taste of which I didn’t know yet. That was Warsaw.

Yesterday – I alredy knew what was out there. And during those 2,5 weeks of work for the refugee center I really got involved – with the refugees themselves, with the stuff, with another volunteers. The refugee house was a bit of my house during that time. The place I kind of belonged to.

So there must have been tears. I haven’t managed not to cry. Who knows me – knows that.

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Agata visited me in Vienna

Breakfast at my favourite balcony in the world with the best company you can imagine
Breakfast at my favourite balcony in the world with the best company you can imagine

You can’t say how happy you are when a friend visits you. You really can’t.

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Obernondorf (Austria) with Sandra & her dad

This is Sandra:


We met last Wednesday. Two days later she invited me to spend the weekend with her and her family at the Austrian countryside. She probably didn’t know how much it meant for me.

Friday was the most shitty day since I started cycling. And no, there was no particular reason to make me feel such a way. Maybe it was becasue of the physical exhaustion? Maybe because I felt lonely for a longer time already and I suddenly didn’t have any more energy to struggle it on my own? Maybe I just simply needed to spend time with someone and not to be stuck in the 200 or 300 square meters of a yoga studio on my own? I can bless the space I’m having now, but I was not able to feel blessed back then. So Sandra came as kind of a saviour to me. My personal angel for a while.

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