chapter 1: getting ready

Day 13: Warsaw, Poland, 22 July 2015

Nikodem has sent a logo. I think it’s perfect! I only need to see the pink version and then decide – pink one or a black one.

We’ve also agreed that Beata will join us for the Friday photo session as she always wanted to work with another photographer – so I hope to get some backstage photos as well!

And I also got an e-mail from Rafal with the ideas about cooperation with Plan Planeta. I have to reply to him and I hope that there will be something out of it!

Ideas for the projects (results):

  • at least 10 stories from the road
  • my diary written on an (almost) daily basis
  • a one-second-a-day movie
  • one-photo-a-day story
  • photo sessions with a bike in the cities I’m going to visit – bike promotion of the cities! For sure: Warsaw (Beata, Nikodem), Krakow (ask Lukas), Katowice (ask Rafal and Ania), Vienna (ask Matthias), Belgrade (ask Mirko), Sarajevo (ask Olja?), Athens (whom to ask??), Istanbul (ask Ela W.?), Tel Aviv (ask Yaelle), Jerusalem (??), Amman (ask Lucas)

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015

Day 12: Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015,

I met Nikodem today (which is a story on its own, not Nikodem (well, Nikodem probably as well, but this is still a story I need to discover more!) but a friendship of mine and Niko). The first time I met him was ages ago in a completely different life I had. But we were supposed to have another photo session today, which was rescheduled from Sunday to today, because Paula couldn’t do on Sunday and I thought that I’ve already had one session with Beata and I cannot make just a technical another one – I need to have a connection with a photographer becasue otherwise I will have a smile like cat’s ass, so ceased. So I said “Listen, Nikodem, let’s meet, talk, I will tell you about the project and then we will see”. And so we did – in Wrzenie Świata with a big pot of white tea with rose. And we talked. And talked. And talked. And it feels so good now. Ha! Even very good. As a result we first scheduled the new session for tomorrow, but then we rescheduled it for Friday. So actually it’s still three days to go, but I already can’t wait, becasue it looks like it’s going to be fun! And again a lot of unnecesary fears that it’s going to be cat’s ass becasue it looks like not (I hope!).

Aha, and Niko has sent also a new logo. After I told him that I actually want one without a bicycle and with letters only and maybe something like Life Good Morning, because their logo looks really cool. And we are already almost there. Tomorrow morning, he said, he will send a new version of a logo. But the one I already have – every time I look at it, I think that I really like it! Oh, and it feels so good to have Niko on board!

And Lucas also wants to help. He actually knows this project already pretty well because we talked about it for two nights at one of the Amman’s rooftops (the nights already mentioned). So Lucas became a consultant, yay! And I’ve sent the texts to Jorge becasue I also want to know his opinion. What I’m actually afraid of is that maybe this blog is kind of too personal and that it’s somehow like an emotional exhibitionism.

So here is the plan:

  • I keep working on the content
  • Niko works on a new version of the logo
  • we do another photo session on Friday
  • I have to submit the proposal to Polak Potrafi (or Kickstater. And I actually keep thinking more and more about the second option, but still haven’t decided..)
  • I need to work on FB and Instagram and I think also maybe I’ll do this #girlonbike hashtag.. (no-idea-about-all-this-social-media-stuff…)
  • aha, and Niko will make the graphic design of the route, I just need to show it to him in details (do it tomorrow morning!)
  • create a FB event about money collection
  • I also need to prepare description of the project to communicate (like a base to have)
  • I need to think, whom I want to ask about the patronage (the embassies of the countries I’m going to go through, Women’s Congress..) and think about sponsoring
  • and I need to think whom I know on my route and have to ask them about a place to stay!

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015

Day 4: Amman, Jordan, 13 July 2015

Paula just wrote that tomorrow will be a new version of a logo. And Beata agreed for a morning bike photo session. And Nikodem will make a sunset one. All of that will happen already on Sunday. Next Sunday. So soon!

Day 3: Petra, Jordan, 12 July 2015

No much of an update about the bike project! But still one good news – I’m in touch with Angela and she is on her way to the airport in Amman, which means (I hope) that she is going to fly to India, yay! Wow, I’m so happy that I have met her in Mizpe Ramon. Really!

Day 2: Wadi Rum, Jordan, 11 July 2015

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum, Jordan


I keep reading, which means I’m still studying the marketing websites about crowdfunding (thank you, Iza!). I read about projects that have been financed, I keep wrtiting and noting different ideas that keep coming to my mind and I keep wondering whether this is the right direction or not.


It turned out that Ahmad – the Bedouin guy hosting me in his camp in Wadi Rum, met on his way Angela (the Godmother of the project I have already mentioned!). I mean not literally met – he actually SAW her on the road, when she was cycling from Aqaba to Wadi Rum. It’s a funny coincidence – we keep meeting the same people on our ways and those people stay in our memories, becasue they are so special and so unique.

Secondly, Ahmad told me that he has been visited by two cyclists so far in his camp. And what is more – one of his life dreams is the bike travel! And he was the one who told me today: “you have to do it!”. It’s sooo interesting that such things happen to me here, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of – literally – nothing.

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Me and Ahmad in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Ahmad has told me also the stories of those two cyclists – a Russian one and a Chinese one. They both came here from their home countries. But the Chinese guy has almost convinced Ahmad to join him to continue his (their?) trip to Cape Town, South Africa. And then to continue from there to South America with a boat. That would be something! And such stories really inspire my imagination, make all my senses soo ready that I want to start a new trip already now, even tomorrow! Today!

But not yet there. I need to learn about bike travelling first, which is why I still keep my European plan on board, although again supported and encouraged in this idea. Becasue there is nothing more encouraging than a person that believes in you and tells you that you have to do it and that it’s worth an effort. Thank you, Ahmad! Not only for our bike talks but also for making Wadi Rum my next (after Mizpe Ramon and Odem, both in Israel) heaven on Earth.

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan, 11 July 2015

Day 1: Aqaba, Jordan, 10 July 2015

Aqaba, Jordan
Aqaba, Jordan

Action: Girls on the bikes! ready, steady, go! Today was a day really full of activities and emotions.

I woke up early in the morning and worked out all the details for my project proposal for Polak Potrafi, the Polish crowdfunding platform. After weeks of working on it, I eventually decided that I was already courage enough to apply. So I did! After receiving an e-mail with an informaiton that the verification proces can last up to 48 hours, I continued with other activities I have planned for today. But surprisingly, I got the answer already after one hour and.. it was a negative answer. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind: so much work for nothing! How is that possible? Does it mean that I’m not going to do it?? And all those thoughts were a mix of sadness, anger and dissapointment.

After a couple of hours I thought: wait wait! Does it mean that I’ve given up so quickly, just after I started? After I saw all those sparks in people eyes when I was telling them about my idea? No, no. I’ll keep fighting! So, as always when necessary, I found my suport in Paula. The Polak Potrafi’s crew was also helpful when counting all the mistakes I’ve made and sending a lot of links that can be helpful when preparing a new proposal. And also enhancing me for developing my idea. Hey guys – thanks for that!

paula friendship

So, I took a deep breath, sat down in front of the computer again and started develping my project.

First of all: I started with the goal. I mean, I’m still working on it. But this time in a much more careful and calmer way, constantly asking the question: “What would I expect if I was about to support a similar idea? What will my project bring as a result for the others except everything what it will bring to me, what I already know perfectly about?”

So I keep reading, reading, reading, reading and thinking. And all those thoughts I keep writing down!

Good things that have happened today – the Girl on a Bike’s team is growing! Today I’ve been joined by Franzi from Germany and Asia, Justyna, Iza, Darek, Gosia and Kamila from Poland. And of course I have Paula in the crew, since the very beginning. And: Nikodem – working on the project’s graphic design, Beata – who agreed to take some photos and Borys, who will take care of my hair for the photos.

And I think this is what matters most at the moment – that right now I already have so many people with me! And I’m really curious how this project will develop and where it will eventually lead me to. And even though I don’t want to think that it might happen that I will not go, but after today I’m ready to think that it will be a very good experience anyway and I just need to take as much out of it as possible. To be smarter (for myself and for the others) in the future.

Aha, and one more news – Nikodem has sent the first ideas for the logo. Which means that logo is on its way and that I will present it very soon!

Aqaba, Jordan, 10 July 2015

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