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You will find here stories of the people I’ll meet on my way. I called them “bike stories” becasue I believe that if not a bike I’m going to ride, some of them could not happen. Enjoy!

Ms. Ela

– Kasia, do you want to visit Ms. Ela? – asked me Olek while I was scanning the old photos of our grandparents and great-grandparents he had brought from the attic.

– Ms. Ela? – I asked surprised, lifting up my head from the scanner, which in recent days became my hand luggage.

– Yes, Ms. Ela – he confirmed – the one that gave you a little money in the summer for your bike trip. Remember?

I remembered in one second. Continue reading “Ms. Ela”

Some summaries before going home

I have just finished packing my stuff. It feels a bit weird, packing your stuff in the middle of the travel (I have been asked a couple of times if it is “allowed” to make a break while traveling.. I don’t know – I just decided to have one). I’ve got this feeling that it is somehow the end of the first stage of this journey. I don’t really know what the next stages will be like – I thought that maybe after three months I will be somehow smarter about it, but not really. Well, of course, in some terms I am, e.g. I was able to select things I don’t really need for cycling (which means I’m going to take home two big bags full of stuff). I already know what not to take with me at all or what not to take so much of. Instead of two towels – one is enough. Continue reading “Some summaries before going home”

It’s Christmas time..

This year I can feel even more what I don’t like about Christmas. Because generally speaking I really like Christmas. I like the smell of the poppy-seed cake and the cheesecake. I like this childhood memory when we were cleaning the whole house and each member of our family was given one room (I was often getting the bathroom) and we were doing it at exactly same time. I like the Christmas tree and the lights on it (although I really don’t like dressing it! myself).

What I don’t like is that we have no time for each other. We leave no space to be happy about Christmas coming. Continue reading “It’s Christmas time..”

Zagreb (2): The Museum of Broken Relationships

I made it eventually. Check some stories and come yourself to get to know the rest:

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Zagreb (1)

St Mark's Church
St Mark’s Church

Zagreb will remain associated with Kino Europa and its colorful neon. And with the cinema cafe (no cigarettes!).

With the route I’ve been cycling every day from Jarun district, where I’ve lived until I reached the cinema, where I used to leave my bike.

With the Human Rights Film Festival (in Kino Europa), where I’ve watched nine movies during five days. Quite a big beat.

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Zagreb (3): Human Rights Film Festival (7-13 Dec 2015)

I haven’t planned to stay in Zagreb for so long. But it happened. Maybe this is how it works with traveling that the more you want, the less it works, so the less you plan, the more satisfied you will actually be.

I came to Zagreb planning to stay here for a couple of days only and then moving to the coast which was supposed to be my starting point of the travel to the south. Nothing came out of it. Zagreb has welcomed me with the Human Rights Film Festival. Free of charge. Continue reading “Zagreb (3): Human Rights Film Festival (7-13 Dec 2015)”

Maribor, Slovenia

Maja, Goran, Borut, Simona – that is a story about my last two days in Slovenia, about how it happened that I got invited for a dinner and how I madly fell in love with this country

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Kungota, Slovenia: Peter and his little magical house

Peter's old house that doesn't exist anymore
Peter’s old house that doesn’t exist anymore

He seemed to be a dreamer living in a magical fairy tale house. When I saw this house on a picture, I knew I had to do everything to come here. I stopped thinking about Maribor, stopped thinking about anything else. This little red brick, red roof house surrounded by the trees and a see of grass, brought back all my longings for the village life. My countryside soul started calling and yelling and as she is the one that peacefully coexists with the city girl soul in me, I knew it was time to feed this one as well.

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Graz, Austria

I called my granny from Graz. It looks like she was really happy about it: “Oh, my dear Kasia! – she said the moment she had heard me – all the best for your namesday! I wish you have your mind back on its place soon and not continue this crazy trip” – sounded her first sentence.

I myself hope my mind will not be back still for some time though!

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