I was definitely a mistress of logistics. In one hour I have figured out how to pack all my stuff in a way which will later on allow me to easily repack it at the bus station. Everything has fitted tightly in four panniers and one backpack. It was late after midnight when I went to sleep.

The alarm rang at 4 am. I woke up thinking that.. maybe not. Maybe I will wait a little bit more. Maybe in three-four days it will all be just fine and I will be able to continue cycling. It was, however, nothing more than a wishful thinking. So despite the usual reisefeber, I sighed, got up from bed, brewed some coffee, fastened all my belongings on Peggy and off I went.

It was a beautiful 25-minutes long ride. Even though I was conscious of every single push of the pedal, I tried to take as much happiness as possible out of it, knowing that it will not happen again at least for a while.

The bus station was occupied by the yesterday’s youth. Well, today’s but since it was Sunday morning, they were more of yesterday’s than today’s. I walked into the building in order to buy a ticket. Few seconds later a guard was already following me shouting “Ne, bicykla, ne” into my direction. We felt scolded with Peggy, luckily I managed to ask him where I should buy a ticket as I couldn’t see any open counter. After he made sure I left the building (who knows what I was carrying in all those weird packages..), I’ve heard the answer. “Ticket driver kaufen” – a guard has repeated a few times checking if I understood. He was back after a few minutes pointing the finger at the bus : “Zagreb bus ticket driver kaufen”. All was clear.

Peggy took her seat in the luggage hold and I laid all four panniers next to her. I entered the bus and took my favourite front seat on the right hand side, next to the driver. The one with the best view. Even though it was still dark and I have actually planned to sleep all drive long.

Zadar, 7 February 2016