I could hear the chime of the church bell every half an hour. Twelve times at midnight. A small church bell striking his heart against the bells’ brims. Half an hour later only once again, symbolically. I was lying down in bed covered by a thick blanket up to my nose. I had only eyes and hands outside of the cover. I kept writing although my fingers were getting numb of cold. The halogen radiator was shining into my direction. It had three ribs but one didn’t work, so only two were heating the room.

The room with two tiny windows, placed on the opposite walls, in front of each other. The walls were some half meter thick. When were entering the house, you could feel the puff of cold air – the walls didn’t let any tiny bit of warmth brought by the weak winter sun in. In the middle of the room stood a round white table covered by a tablecloth in the color of fuchsia, with a single white rose in a beer bottle on it. The bed was spacious and extremely comfortable.

I was laying down and thinking. I tried to chase away the thoughts but the worries about where I was going to sleep in a bit more than a week from now kept coming. I was surprised by the lack of activity of couchsurfers in Croatia. I started to worry that it might be similarly in Montenegro and Albania. And maybe in Greece as well.

Even though I tried to stop worrying knowing that it won’t bring any solution, I couldn’t stop thinking. Which is when I recalled the Professor’s lesson of happiness, the conclusion of which was that we should rather stay happy instead of staying worried. I decided to think about what makes me feel happy about tomorrow instead.

I was happy to finally meet Maria Elena, about whom I’ve heard so much and who seemed an extraordinary personality. I was happy about the short cycling trip to a nearby town Vrbnik – mainly to check how my knees were. I was happy about the morning coffee which always tastes so good, the first sip a bit bitter, but every next gets only better and better. I was happy about the perspective of checking my mailbox in the morning, looking forward to any messages to come and be replied to. I was happy about the photo session of Stjepan the Postman and his kids – I have never been a photographer myself, so I was excited but also a bit nervous. I was happy that Marinella will check the ferries first thing in the morning and I will be more peaceful knowing that they are departing from Mali Losinj to Zadar for sure. I was also quite happy about no specific plans for the afternoon.

It seemed like the day was just about to bring a lot of little joys! I hid my hands under blanket, covered my nose, closed my eyes and could eventually fall asleep.

Krk, 27 January 2016