I turned the key in the lock and pressed the handle. The breath of chill air was noticeable. I placed the package I was holding in my hand on the sofa and fired the gas. The pot with beans soup was getting warmed up on one of the torches, the hibiscus tea with a few salvia leafs was cooking on the other one. I was so hungry that I was voraciously eating the fresh, still warm bread I have just bought a few minutes earlier, not being able to stop myself and wait until the soup will already be warm. I switched on the radiator to warm up the room a bit in the meantime. The soup has boiled. I poured a full plate, it steamed like crazy. The tea, sweetened with a spoon of honey previously dug out from the jar, did the same. The butter was so hard that I had to cut it into pieces and place on the slices of bread, not being able to spread it.

My stomach was full after few minutes. The basic needs: food, sleep, warmth, physiology started to cadence to my life.

Krk, 28 January 2016