It looks like the winter sun at Krk is whimsical and appears only when it feels like. Today it was mainly hidden behind the clouds, which kept the air slightly chilly, when the sun was gone. My hands were getting frozen without the gloves, so I kept blowing on them from time to time while walking across the deserted streets. Innumerable signs were waving sadly, still inviting the passer-by to book a night, buy a souvenir, try the local delicious food.. but the entrances remained closed. The season will only happen in a few months time from now. Only then it will be noisy again, too noisy sometimes maybe. The two-thousands-years-old streets will be full of scurry of the small and big feet. I was overbalancing from time to time on the slippery stones.

The last hour of the afternoon I spent sitting at the bottom of the green lighthouse – the sun decided to show its kindness, so I imbibed its beams every fiber of myself, exposing my face into the right direction. I had a red lighthouse on my left, some meters of water away. Numerous boats were swinging on the surface of the bay all around. There was no horizon – as the sea line merged with the sky line. Nothing was left but the emptiness.

After the sun was gone, I moved back to the old town. Cats were stealing from time to time – I’ve seen the grey and the red ones. One of the greys had slightly twisted head. It looked as if somebody has kicked him. Or maybe he just fell down, but hasn’t managed to land on his feet? A few locals were slowly bypassing. The town was definitely on its downshifts, resting after the season and slowly getting ready to the new one, with the hands of the Bosnian workers.

I finished the day in a local cafe, sitting next to the fireplace and sipping a black coffee. The third one today.

Krk, 27 January 2016