It was two o’clock in the night. We have not been talking much as in such a late hour the eyes of both of us have been closing on their own. We’ve been sitting at the airport, waiting for our airplanes – mine, taking off first via Kiev, was supposed to bring me back to Warsaw, the second one via Istanbul was taking Matthias back to Vienna.

All the airport controls went smoothly. I don’t remember the seat I chose in the plane but I remember the corner at the Kiev’s airport where I was waiting for my connecting flight – three chairs by one wall and two by the other. While sitting there and watching people passing by, I had only one thought running through my mind which didn’t let me calm down – that ten days in Israel was definitely not enough.

Once I boarded the second plane, I chose carefully the window seat. I was flying and looking through the window, first at Kiev and then at the clouds. The closer to Warsaw I was, the more convinced at the same time I was that I wanted and needed to head back to Israel. The smile on my face appeared by itself. The smile of relief. Decision has just been made and I felt that everything should be on the right track now.

Paula was waiting for me at the airport in Warsaw keeping in her hands slightly delayed Christmas gift. It was mildly snowing outside. The taxis we’ve seen through the airport’s window were picking up the just arrived to Poland passengers. I was slowly opening the small package from Paula. Inside there was a bracelet with inscriptions engraved on a little heart attached to it: my name on one side and “Sky is the limit” on the other. The stripe’s color was blue. I’m wearing it still today.

A few days later I’ve asked my manager for a talk. Three months later I was back in Israel. Six months later I came up with the idea of my bike adventure. Nine months later I was back on the road. Today, a year later, I’m thinking about last year’s 6th of January and cannot really believe how much has happened in one year.

I owe you all apologies. I’m truly sorry for my silence and all unaswered messages. I am in Poland, at home, with my family now right now. I came here for a couple of days for Christmas. However just after the Christmas my grandpa was taken to the hospital in quite a serious condition. He is still in there by today. I will be back on track as soon as the situation will calm down a bit. Peggy is patiently waiting in Zagreb.

In the meantime I’m organizing the old family photos. Have a look at one of my favourites – my grandpa in 1935. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Have an amazing year!

Ryjewo (Rio), 6 January 2016