This year I can feel even more what I don’t like about Christmas. Because generally speaking I really like Christmas. I like the smell of the poppy-seed cake and the cheesecake. I like this childhood memory when we were cleaning the whole house and each member of our family was given one room (I was often getting the bathroom) and we were doing it at exactly same time. I like the Christmas tree and the lights on it (although I really don’t like dressing it! myself).

What I don’t like is that we have no time for each other. We leave no space to be happy about Christmas coming.

I keep writing to my friends that I’m coming for Christmas. “Cool, amazing” – they answer – “but we don’t have time right now, Kasia. You know, it’s Christmas time, we have to buy presents, clean the houses, you know how it is, don’t you?” I know it perfectly. I also know why I’m coming. I still live believe in this idealistic idea that Christmas is mainly for spending time together.

Zagreb, 17 December 2015