I called my granny from Graz. It looks like she was really happy about it: “Oh, my dear Kasia! – she said the moment she had heard me – all the best for your namesday! I wish you have your mind back on its place soon and not continue this crazy trip” – sounded her first sentence.

I myself hope my mind will not be back still for some time though!

Today there was some sun eventually in Graz. And that meant that I could be out as well! Sooo much happiness! As I don’t have a proper winter jacket with me (only the winter sports one, which is ok when cycling, but not really when not cycling), visiting the city when the temperature was around zero Celcius degrees, then the visiting time is shorten by no more than one hour. After one hour I start freezing. And today there were some plus 10 degrees! And soooo much sun!

What’s cool about Graz?

Graz is a city with numbers of social projects. It’s really difficult to walk a street and not see a socially engaged shop / boutique / project – from selling ethical clothes, through recycled and upcycled bags and other stuff until selling the yesterday’s bread for 50% of the initial price. All the money earns at those initiatives goes for some youth, elderly or excluded projects.

The city is divaded by the river Mur. But since I don’t like divisions, I’ve lived for three days on one side of the river (with Malte) and for three days on the other one (with Bianca). Both sides of the river are equally cool!

Graz has been named the European Capital of Culture in 2003 (and the UNESCO City of Design) and received many other titles, including the one I like the most, which is City of Human Rights – the title it had hold since 2001!

I spent a lovely morning with big soya cappuccino at Tribeka Cafe, which reminded me a good old Tribeca Cafe in Cracow! Awww, just lovely memory! And the coffee tasted soooo good!

Kabuff seems like a spot to be at the Friday night! We hardly managed to find a little table for four, but it is the crowd that makes the bars and their atmosphere enjoyable, isn’t it?

You can walk around the city and get lost, even after a few days around! And you will find very busy spots and streets and the very quiet ones. No surprise the city is called The Little Italy as well!

The clock tower is at the top of the Schlossberg. This is where you can also admire the Graz’ panoramic view, including the controversial roof of one of the departure stores, which had almost made Graz lose its title of UNESCO World Heritage in 2006 (gained in 1999 because of its uniques „red roof landscape) – the architects promised to change it, but nothing has been done since the promise has been made! I climbed the hill twice – once with Malte and once on my own and both time enjoyed the view over the city really a lot!

Graz was a cool break and a good rest. A lot of sleep, a lot of eating and a lot of walking. Slovenia calling now!

Day 76 (29 November 2015)

Graz, 29 November 2015