On the way from Hartberg to Graz
On the way from Hartberg to Graz

I wish I could show you this way from Hartberg to Graz.. But I cannot. I took a few pictures with my telephone, but the picture taken with a telephone is not the same as the picture taken with a proper camera. Those mountains that prostrate and force you to stop every mountain at least five times. The steaming hot tea, because when there is -1 Celcius degree, the tea evaporates like crazy. This moment when I had to pause, becasue I just realized that I simply don’t feel my toes, so actually I guess I should stop and try to warm them up with my hands if the trekking socks and trekkings shoes don’t work well enough at the moment. This moment of happiness when I reached the nameplate “Graz” (ok, it was not sooo difficult) and it happened for the first time to do it so early (14.00!) and I could take the photo for the first time in the last many days.

This half an hour of going there and back in Graz to find Alex’s flat, where he wasn’t present, so I contacted Malte, who by SMS explained me how to ride those three kilometers between Alex’s flat and his and then eventually a relief to be inside a room, where your fingers don’t freeze and your toes don’t freeze and where nothing actually freezes! Where there is just simply warm!

Day 71 (24 November 2015)

Kilometers cycled:

  • from Hartberg to Graz: 65 Km
  • total: 1691 Km

Graz, 24 November 2015