I don’t know how this happens that almost every time I make those additional 20 Km.. I slowly stop believing that it might be different one day. It probably won’t.

Maybe it’s because the maps I have are not good and detailed enoguh? Maybe because my maps don’t show all the villages and roads, so it happens that I have to choose the way by intuition – which sometimes is right and sometimes is wrong? Or maybe I just have not good enough orientation? I don’ know. But what matters the most, I guess, is that I eventually make it. At least I made so far.

Yesterday morning started early. I got some of my stuff packed the previous night already, got up at 7.00, packed the rest and around 8.00 we started breakfast with Christoph – that was also continuation about everything in German.

The first lack of luck I’ve noticed already in the night. I opened my map to mark the road for the following day and.. the map has finished! I only remembered then that I have actually never bought that map of Austria and that I was still riding with the Czech Republic map, which I got from Dagna, still in Poland. So – lucky me! It led me all the way from south Poland to Ternitz! That made the first point on my to do list for that day: to find a petrol station and buy a map. I managed after some 30 Kilometeres! Ha! The map is even until Zagreb. First thing done.

The second bad luck happened also previous morning, but I got to know about its results only the following day. So after we made the breakfast photo with Luci and Chritoph, I took the camera to transfer photos from the camera into the computer, but the camerastrap hooked the cupboard handle, slipped out of my hand and fell down. I hoped that nothing happened – everything seemed fine, it still worked, I managed to transfer the photos. So I breathed a sigh of relief. But the following day brought a dissapointment – the camera was not working and took the completely black photos only. So the moment I was leaving to Hartberg, I realized I had no camera to document the road. It made me feel really sad.

But also made me think a lot:

  • I was thinking about how much the pictures during that trip matter – to document it for myself (to remember it better) but also to be able to share it with all the people following me (how would it be to write the blog posts and Facebook statements without pictures? Hard to imagine..)
  • I was thinking about the history of this camera, how I bought it during the studies in Portugal almost a decade ago and how it had travelled the world with me, visiting all the continents and all the countries I have visited.
  • I was thinking about what can I do now, becasue I cannot afford buying a new camera at this certain moment, but at the same time I don’t want to continue this travel without the camera. Here is what – as a result – I have decided about:
  1. go and check the repair point in Hartberg and see what I can do about it (I already know it’s not possible in here as there are no camera repair points in Hartberg, so I will only be able to do that in Graz);
  2. write the letters to all the companies producing cameras – maybe one of them would like to support me and give / borrow the camera – there is still a bit of travelling ahead of me;
  3. ask for the help on my FB fanpage – if there is almost 1000 people that like this project, so maybe someone will be able to help somehow?

So I thought about what I will write and what I will ask for, I looked for an old photo – I chose the one from the Nikodem’s session from July, when I was still getting ready for my crowdfunding project. And I posted it on FB. Let’s see what will happen!

What else happened yesterday?

Well, this route happened:

My route from Ternitz to Hartberg
My route from Ternitz to Hartberg

Can you see this huge mountain in the middle? Yes, this is a mountain, which local Austrians ski in the winter. I haven’t managed to ride it up. I pushed the bike, for an hour or even maybe two. It was super tough, but we’ve managed. And I was so sad I couldn’t show you all I have seen. You can close your eyes and imagine Bieszczady in the late autumn or early spring. Where there are not that many colours, but still there is a bit of violet and green. Where all around are bigger and smaller forests. Where it’s only you, mountains and clouds on the sky. Because there are no turists at this time of the year – most of them await the better weather. And yesterday was rather coldish, dizzling, no sun.. So who would fancy leaving house? Well, I didn’t fancy but I did. I filled myself with the views, recorded them in my head. And in the evening, I was welcomed so warmly in Hartberg by Uli and his sons, who took all my stuff upstairs.. 10 pm I was dead asleep.

Day 68 (21 November)

Kilometers cycled:

  • from Ternitz to Hartberg: 91 Km
  • total: 1626 Km

Hartberg, 22 November 2015