Breakfast with Luci and Christoph in Ternitz
Breakfast with Lucia and Christoph in Ternitz

The one day I’ve spent in Ternitz was terribly lazy. I was as lazy as I only could! Ok, maybe not that much – I have eventually written one text and I kept speaking German (almost) all the time, which – after many years of not using it at all, was quite intellectual fun. On the other hand – I kept sleeping, falling asleep and walking sleeping with eyes wide open. Yes, the volunteering, a few sleepless nights, early morning – they all resulted in here.

I spent with Lucia and Christoph who hosted me in Ternitz the whole evening after I arrived and the whole morning the day after. And I’m just super grateful that they made me speak German – that they were patient enough! All the time! And you know what – it turned out that all the drawers in my head, which I thriftily hid my German language knowledge in, are still in there. A bit rusty and dusty, but after you oil them a bit, open and close a couple of times, they actually do work. So I guess – a couple of weeks more and I could be back to my German speaking reality. Wow, guys, thanks for bringing my believe in myself back!

I know nothing about Ternitz. I haven’t managed to see anything. But I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve got – a bed and a peaceful dream – two things I defnitely missed the most recently!

Day 67 (20 November 2015)

Ternitz, 20 November 2015