This is Sandra:


We met last Wednesday. Two days later she invited me to spend the weekend with her and her family at the Austrian countryside. She probably didn’t know how much it meant for me.

Friday was the most shitty day since I started cycling. And no, there was no particular reason to make me feel such a way. Maybe it was becasue of the physical exhaustion? Maybe because I felt lonely for a longer time already and I suddenly didn’t have any more energy to struggle it on my own? Maybe I just simply needed to spend time with someone and not to be stuck in the 200 or 300 square meters of a yoga studio on my own? I can bless the space I’m having now, but I was not able to feel blessed back then. So Sandra came as kind of a saviour to me. My personal angel for a while.

It was a beautiful time. A beautiful time is the one I call the time people spend together with each other and enjoy the presence of each other. The one when people are curious about each other. When people laugh together.

And such was this time at Sandra’s dad place. Although I couldn’t speak with Sandra’s father (the language barrier), I’ve learnt a lot about his life in the village. About his animals. About the local rituals. About the village’s surroundings. About the priviledges of being “a stranger” in terms of having the opportunity to unite people around you. About how to play “Activity” board game in a local pub and make everyone involved. About the local graveyard with some 15 graves only or so and its story. About the Polish priest I was supposed to meet at the graveyard but he hasn’t showed up.

It was a lovely weekend. Exaclty what I needed. Thank you Sandra!

Days 47-48 (31 October – 1 November 2015)

Obernondorf, 1 November 2015