Olomouc's mock-up
Olomouc’s mock-up

An old, beautiful, Czech city that has its origins somewhere in 11th century. At the same time, for me it was the first Czech city I have really visited during this trip, because in Ostrava I have only arrived in the evening, played darts with Vitek and Vladia afterwards and left to Olomouc the following morning.

Meet Jiri - the guy who organized my whole stay in Olomouc
Meet Jiri – the guy who organized my whole stay in Olomouc

Jiri has organized my whole stay in Olomouc – since Friday evening when I have arrived until Monday morning, when I have left. Dinner, sightseeing, lunch, shopping, a walk across the parks, visits to museums, meeting with the school kids – everything was planed! Thank you, Jiri! I would have probably never seen and experienced so much myself!

It was also a very interesting experience becasue I slept in a school which meant – an empty school during the weekend. I was there completely on my own, also during the night time. Have you ever been in a school in a night time? It actually happened to me already but never alone the whole night. Empty corridors all around, you can call “eeeeecho!” and it will resonate, many shadows here and there. No, I have not done that. I was sitting politely and quietly in my room, situated between the school kitchen and a bathroom with a huge bath (now this is something I would have never expected to see in a school!). I was not on my own there however – together with me in the room there were five training bicycles, four scooters, two bicycles for kids and few training mattresses.

Olomouc is a city that sleeps during the weekend. I don’t know if (or how) it’s different during the week days but during the weekend it reminded a ghost town a bit, not a ruined and scary one, rather a very beautiful type. It recalled also my visit to Petra in Jordan, currently quite an empty (in tourists) place as well.

We walked a lot with Jiri around Olomouc, stopping from time to time in one of many coffee shops. Jiri said that there is so many of them because there are 20 thousands students in Olomouc and I started to wonder wheter coffee shops are really meant mainly for students as I still love to go to the coffee shops myself even though I have not been a student for quite a while. The one where I’ve spent most of my time in Olomouc was Cafe 87, located in the same building as the Museum of Modern Art – check it out if you were looking for a good coffee and a good muffin!

Museum of Modern Art & Cafe 87 in Olomouc
Museum of Modern Art & Cafe 87 in Olomouc

The main tourist attaractions in Olomouc are the Holy Trinity Column – the only UNESCO heritage in the city and the astronomical clock – one of two in the Czech Republic (the second one is in Prague).

I have to also admit that I was really impressed by the murales – a few of which I had a chance to see while walking around the city. What impressed me the most, however, was the exhibition of Zbynek Sekal titeled “Things Are Moving Forward Slowly”, which I’m going to write a separate post about soon.

Olomouc is a historical capitol of Moravia (which I have fell in love with) and the main city of the Haná region (which pronounces wiht a long “a” – the one I have not heard since being back to Europe from Israel; I know, it’s the second time I’m mentioning Middle East here, which probably means that I quite miss it).

The first references to Olomouc are from the 11th century and 150 years later the city became Moravian capitol and kept the role until the mid-17th century (that is until the end of the Thirty Years’ War) when Brno took it over and never gave back. It is however here, in Olomuc, where the second largest monuments complex in the Czech Republic is located. I have been gadding about the town, with Jiri, with Andrea and Dana – another two teachers, and also quite a lot of time on my own with a camera only.

Hello, Olomouc!
Hello, Olomouc!

As already mentioned the main surprise for me was the Museum itself and two exhibitions presented the moment I visited – of Zbynek Sekal and the second one about the Polish-Czech design of 60s. Such art attractions made me really very postively surprised! Superb!! Congratulations, Olomouc!

Olomouc visited on 17-18 October 2015, written in Vienna on 27 October 2015