The road from Olomouc to Brno was not really pampering me with all the hills and constant ups and downs. The brakes were gone at the end of the day, so I had to take the bike to the service the day after. Additionally at the very beginning I lost all my notes that indicated how to reach my destination. That meant that for the very first time I was riding with the map only (and although I was quite scared at the beginning, I eventually managed to do it!).

Unfortunately it looks like it was the day that started the series of the lost items. Well, actually it started already on the way to Olomouc, so three days earlier (I lost my cycling googles back then, but didn’t know how that happened). The sheets of papers with the clues were the second lost thing.. The situation developed in the following days.

So when I eventually reached Brno, I was totally lost in the city (having no clues, no citymap, no navigation and.. no address of my hosts – Jana & Ladislav!). Which is why reaching the destination (since the moment I passed the border of Brno) took me some additional.. four hours! Well… Let’s say – another lesson learnt!

Vienna, 1 November 2015