How to cycle this tree around?
How to cycle this tree around?

It turned out that Agata decided to visit her parents over the weekend. And she invited Maja with Marek and Ania with Dawid to join her. It looked like the last meeting with the friends in Poland, so how could I not come? I decided to cycle back to Miedzyrzecze.

This time, however, I wanted to try something new and I followed the navigation only.

As a result it meant:

  • 4 trees turned over (one of them is pictured above), which needed to be cycled around (how the hell?)
  • 4 humans met: 1 mushroom-picker, 1 jogger, 2 cyclist (with no luggage, obviously!)
  • 1 very steep stairs (to cycle down? Or what exactly did they expect from me to do with those stairs and my bicycle in the middle of the forest?)
  • 1 doe jumping across the path (yay!)
  • 0,5 kilometer cycled on the highway (no comment.. because “cycle, Kasia, cycle!” doesn’t sound as good as “run, Forest, run”. In the reality it was something quite similar)
  • dozens of kilometers cycled in the forests (yeah, I know it sounds fun. If only I didn’t have those kilograms of luggage. Or I didn’t have to find a way how to cross those railways some 10 meters down the hill.. Or..)

Yeah, that was a day full of creativity.. On the other hand – looking outside the window today, I guess that was no the most difficult one of my bike adventure!

Miedzyrzecze, 12 October 2015