It was not an easy ride from Miedzyrzecze to Katowice. I mean, the first half (until Tychy) was. Agata’s dad – Wojtek had described me the route so well and had given me so many details that I was riding exactly according to his words. But it was only until I arrived to Tychy. The real story started only then becasue I found myself in the middle of the city. And riding through the cities is THE WORST. It’s not only about the enormous trafiic. It’s also about the road signs which say actually nothing. And it’s also about not having the city map.. So I actually really didn’t know where to ride to.

I decided to stop at the bakery in Tychy to eat and drink something (kompot from Agata’s mum – Kazia, obviously!). And after the break I decided to use the navigation in my smartphone – for the very first time since I started this trip. So I entered all the data, chose the bike roads and started cycling.

And what did the navigation do? It led me through the bike roads! But the nagivation didn’t take into consideration that I had some 25 Kilograms of stuff in my bags. No! The navigation decided that if someone is riding a bike, it surely means that the person is going to be very happy about riding through the forests, roots, ditches, railway crossings (thousands of them!), ruts etc. etc. Which usually is.. But not this time unfortunately! This is how my bike ride through the Silesia, within the Silesian agglomeration looked like. Literally!

I kept riding, a bit desperate, but more concentrated on avoiding obstructions on my way (like in Mario Bros – one of a very few computer games I ever played), patting myself on the back inwardly for buying the off-road tyres. Until I eventually saw the sign “Katowice”. I couldn’t believe that! It was over! I did it!

Happiness: Katowice!

Of course it turned out that I was happy too early.. I looked at the navigation and it showed another 15 kilometres to reach my destination. The following road decided to look similarly to the previous one. Additionally the battery went off and at certain point I really didn’t know where to cycle to. But I eventually somehow managed – I knew Rafal’s address, so I asked some people on the road for the directions. I also passed through Muchowice airport, which I have only recognized after some time that I was actually crossing the place where Off Festival takes place. And it looked so totally different: between when the space was empty and when the same space was filled with some 15 thousands people.

When I eventually saw Spodek, I felt home. I knew where to cycle to. And Rafal was expecting me at his house with this beautiful sign:

KATO WITA! How can one not love this city?!
The sign: “KATO WITA” (“Kato welcomes you”) made especially for me by Rafal! How can one not love this city?!

Katowice, 5 October 2015