I already know Where are Kasperki (Gdzie sa Kasperki). Kasperki are where you need to be patient. Where you don’t need to hurry up anymore and be happy about here and now. Kasperki are where they are needed:

  • at the door welcoming you the moment you just arrive and feel such a relief that’s it’s already here (with a mixture of feelings: thanks god / surprise surprise!)
  • in the kitchen when they make a pizza or cook green curry for you. Or make a coffee for everyone. Or when you want to bake a cake. Or when all of you just want to spend hours sitting around the table, sipping tee and chatting;
  • in your room when you’re almost asleep but at the same time you really need to discuss nothing (meaning everything that is important and needs to be discussed right now);
  • on a hill with the best sunset view which you totally don’t expect and you are just amazed by what you see;
  • on your bike way when you think “yeah, it would be cool to cycle around here and see what’s there” but you have no idea where to cycle to.. So you just do it together;
  • in Pszczyna, when you decide that after two weeks of trying to fight your sickness with honey and garlic with no specatular results, you come to a conclusion that it’s probably not going to work.. So you decide for the next step which is a chemical fight against bacterias and you need a pharmacy here and now to do it – they are there with you, driving you to the nearest pharmacy, which is only.. 25 Km away;
  • at the hill when you decide to take a cool photo and you just do it – all four of you;
  • at the table when they pretend that they REALLY like the cookies you baked even though they are dry as hell (and you just hope that the apple pie you baked the next day will make them forget how dry the cookies were, please please!);
  • in the park in Pszczyna when you read together on Wikipedia, why actually Pszczyna is called the Pearl of Upper Silesia.. (and you didn’t know that before – shame on you!);
  • in the supermarkets (plural) when you make a tournee to find tahini (to cook hummus). Which finishes in not finding it in any supermarket, so you get wodzionka for dinner and you can taste traditional Silesian meal (which additionally happens to be a part of your curation because you still deeply believe that FOR SURE you’ll get better if you eat half of garlic’s loaf..).

You get it now? You know already what’s the coolest about Kasperki? That they are so joyful!

The source of joy at Kasperki is the youngest one of them – Maja. The one that laughs the most (and the loudest), the one that has brought me flowers from her walk, the one that has introduced me to Mr Kangaroo and Lala and demonstrated how she had danced at the concert, but most of all – the one that has welcomed me on Friday evening with a loud scream “Kaaaaaaaasia!” and a huuuge smile, which turned into one of the most beautiful moments in my life becasue I don’t remember when someone was so truly (and openly) happy about seeing me knowing me for one day only. She stayed in my shoulders for looong minutes and hugs.

This is Maja (
This is Maja (“mynameismayakaspelek”) (photo: Lucas Kasperek)

Asia, Lucas – thank you so much for hosting me! For those awesome four days together! For sharing with me everything you had, but most of all – your joy! (And honey.. I promise to be healthy the next time I come to visit and not to eat almost whole honey you have..). Thank you for all our conversations – about love and patience. About family stories. About happiness and how it actually really looks like. About travels and dreams. And whether three/four months are a lot of time or not.

Asia told me that home is a place from childhood – a place in which you could play as much as you wanted. And Lucas said that home is where hearth is. Both of them confessed to a dream about having the fireplace at home.

Guys, I keep my fingers crossed for a beautiful time in the Azores and I’m looking forward to hearing about it! Becasue Kasperki are flying over there already this Tuesday and you can follow their travel just in here. And! They are also going to travel with me – all my way long:

Kasperki are travelling with me!
Kasperki are travelling with me!

Międzyrzecze, 4 October 2015