This day of my travel was sponsored by clouds, blue houses and escape from the rain that didn’t eventually rain.

After such a long break in Cracow it was a bit difficult to ride again. The first 20 K were not the easiest. Additionally it was quite chilly, sprinkled a bit and I was stressed it was going to suddenly pour down. And becasue I caught cold 10 days ago and still couldn’t find it, I didn’t want to get even sicker.


  • I was really happy about the meeting with the kids from Siemacha the evening before, where I had a chance to talk about my travel and answer their looooots of questions!
Meeting with the kids at Siemacha
Meeting with the kids at Siemacha
  • I was happy about the rest of the evening before spent with Asia & Witek (no picture, buuuh!) – who – above all – are my friends but at the same time they are the people who organize the Bike Day (Swieto Cykliczne) in Krakow and who:
    • made the bike check for me (Witek, thank you!!);
    • have gifted me with looots of cycling gadgets, including two favourite of mine: cowl which I wear every day now and szprychowka (anyone speaking Polish know the English word for that?) with the slogan: “Freedom” – which reminds me about what matters;
    • cooked amazing pearl barley with vegetables that I took with me;
    • gave me so so so much energy that it was much easier to cycle the next day!
  • I was happy about the first 20 K with Kasia, who took a day off to cycle with me! And despite the fact that it was not the most pleasant ride ever I think it will be quite cool to remember our break at the gas station, when the guys from the service didn’t want to believe my route (quote: “whaaaaat?”) and where Kasia has gifted me with ropes that are one of the most important parts of my bike right now. Thank you, Kasia!
Me & Kasia on the way from Cracow to Chelm Slaski
Me & Kasia on the way from Cracow to Chelm Slaski
  • I was happy that the next 40 K I could watch those amazing clouds and couldn’t stop being amazed that they are so low above the groud that I could touch them if only I stood on tip-toe
  • I was the most happy when I saw the sign “Silesia” and I knew it was over for today!
Silesia, welcome back!
Silesia, welcome back!

Such was the day 16 of my travel with 621 Km done altogether (and I think I will start taking photos every day with the number of kilometres done – what do you think?).

Chelm Slaski, 30 September 2015