Iza as Panna Pollyanna
Iza as Panna Pollyanna (pannapollyanna.pl)

Iza is a friend of mine. We’ve got to know each other some years ago by working for the same organization. I still remember the very first day when Iza came to work. She had extremely long and beautiful eyelashes. Not only eyelashes! The way she looked that day was so beautiful that the moment I saw her, I started wondering how long will she manage to stay with us, NGO-like-dressed people. I haven’t been working for that organization for quite a while already. Iza is still there, doing awful lot of good job.

That day when I first met Iza I could also not suppose that she will become one of the most important people in my life. With her deep belief in people. In every single human being. Like nobody else. I often wonder where she takes those loads of positive energy from. I tried to read it out between the lines on her blog Panna Pollyanna, but all I managed was to get inspired by her more and more to be a better person and enjoy every single second of my life.

Michal Woroch (fot. donttellhimplease.blogspot.com)
Michal Woroch (photo: donttellhimplease.blogspot.com)

Becasue Iza is the most inspirational person I’ve ever got to know. When I told her this, she answered: “It’s not me, it’s Michal. It’s him who is so inspiring!”. Michal – a photographer and a traveller, suffering from muscular atrophy, which makes him a wheel-chair user. A co-founder of the WheelChairTrip project – a travel across South Africa together with Maciej Kaminski, another wheel-chair user. On their own.

Impossible is nothing, as usually says Iza.

When she told me about this project for the first time, I opened my eyes (and jaw) time and again. I was stunned. Who else if not Iza would be willing to help two guys on wheel-chairs make their dream come true and go to South America? Only someone who believes that impossible is nothing. She made all of us believe that impossible is nothing. In four days she managed to get almost 1.5 thousand people passionate about this trip. Collected something around 10.000 PLN or I don’t know how much, becasue people keep donating all the time. And she just started. #DontTellHim – she asked all of us becasue that was supposed to be the most secret crowdfunding action in the world. Well, it’s difficult to keep something secret when dozens of people join your passion, belief and want to be part of what you’re doing. How the hell did she dare to ask us #DontTellHim when all we wanted the most was TO TELL HIM! We managed for four days.

When Girl on Bike was coming true (although it was not yet Girl on Bike back then), I skyped with Iza. I was sitting in a canteen in Jerusalem, Iza was in her office. In her very first words she told me that this is an awesome project and I definitely have to make it happen and she presented to me at least one hundred ideas what I can take into consideration. I was stunned and entranced that someone can believe in me and my idea so much. That’s how she made Girl on Bike to come alive.

Our common friend said recently that Iza is the reason why she keeps coming to work every day.

Do you know how inspirations work? Michal inspired Iza, Iza inspired me, I – via Girl on Bike – inspired Ania (and I already have this story about Ania ready for you as well, just need to sit down and finish it eventually, because it’s waiting in my notebook!). Who will be inspired by Ania? Let’s see!

Each of those stories is a story of making some dreams come true.

And I think that this is what life is about – to make dreams come true. Not to fear them. To face them and chase them when they start running away.

Iza made me believe in my project. Iza made Michal believe in his project. Iza made me and thousands of other people believe in Michal’s project as well.

Become a part of this beautiful story and join us – the dreams belivers. Believe in it and support it: wheelchairtrip.com.

Michal & Maciej (fot. wheelchairtrip.com)
Michal & Maciej (photo: wheelchairtrip.com)

Krakow, 23 September 2015