I got up, as usually, at 6.45 in the morning, in order to have enough time to get ready for the road. I’ve already learnt that getting ready in the morning takes me around three hours. It’s that long becasue I still want to spend time with the family that is hosting me, becasue I need to pack all the stuff, becasue I need to decide how to dress and becasue I need to decide which road I’m going to cycle. Eventually also because it’s usually in the mornings when I’m writing posts for the blog, working with the pictures or answering e-mails – early morning gives me the clearity of mind and time – most of my hosts still usually sleep then.

That morning was different. I woke up already extremely tired and even though I tried to get myself motivated to stay awake, I came back to bed at 7.30 and.. slept until 10.00 o’clock! Yeah, we can call it lazy Sunday…

I eventually got up and discivered that Pawel decided to cycle with me the whole way from Olkusz to Krakow, what made me feel really really happy becasue he knew where to cycle to, so I didn’t have to worry about taking the right direction. That was really a huge help and such a relief for me! We both also knew that it was not going to be such a long ride, becasue the distance between Olkusz and Krakow is less than 40 k in the shortest way, so we could allow ourselves to leave quite late and to make loooong breaks on the way.

What we also knew was that there was going to be one massive uphill waiting for us near the town Skala and after that it’s going to be.. only down the hill! All the way to Krakow! And that was true! Which turned also into reaching my maximum speed on Peggy so far, which was 47.2 Km/h. I didn’t feel safe enough to cycle even faster – it was already enough for me!

Only down the hill! Krakow on the horizon
Only down the hill! Krakow on the horizon

We made the first stop near the castle in Pieskowa Skala. But it was not the only castle on the way. There have been plenty of them! Really! And the same like the previous day – the whole route was just amazingly beautiful – as we’ve been still cycling through Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska.

But it got really chilly and windy. And the head-scarf from Pawel helped me a lot not the get sick! I was also wearing much warmer clothes and I’ve learnt my lesson that I have to buy some more warm stuff in Krakow.

After the eventually-not-that-monstural uphill – the one we’ve been waiting for, we reached Skala and we decided for another break, in the city center. Pawel decided to buy us coffee and he was really patient with checking every single open place around. Impossible! There is no coffee to buy in Skala on Sunday afternoon! Luckily, we had still warm strawberry kompot (stewed fruit!) and leavened crumble, so it was a really yummy break!

With Pawel during our crumble & kompot break in Skala
With Pawel during our crumble & kompot break in Skala

And after that – only downhills! Krakow appeared earlier than expected. And it was quite fun to cycle across the city with this huge bike and all the bike bags attached.

Some summaries to come soon!

Krakow, 20 September 2015