How to let the huge track to bypass you and survive: a-ten-steps-guide:

  1. Once you smell a track coming towards you, get ready. Mentally.
  2. Once the truck comes closer, grasp the handlebar strong and keep it with all your might.
  3. Once the truck will be just next to you, take a deep breath and keep the air inside you (not to distract yourself with breathing).
  4. Keep the air inside, keep the handlebar, survive the first part of the bypass.
  5. After the truck will be gone, keep keeping the air inside and keep keeping your hands on the handlebar – after the truck comes the gust (following the truck).
  6. It might try to blow you. Don’t let it do that!
  7. Only after the gust will be gone, you can breath a sigh of relief and slacken your hands.
  8. Congratulations. You just survived!
  9. Get ready – the next one is coming!
  10. Don’t know what to do? Go back to point 1.

Trucks are the nightmare! And even thought today was the day with the smallest number of trucks bypassing me, I keep thinking about them all the time!

Today was also the quietest day since I’ve left Warsaw. The day that started with… pancakes! Piotr made them for me and these were the first pancakes he made in life. Three. Thick. Yummy. Pancakes. I ate them all and licked my lips after I finished eating. It was 7 o’clock in the morning and we’ve been sitting at the wooden table outside. It was still a bit chilly, like a regular September morning. Pancakes steamed because they came to me straight from the pan. With a strawberry jam from Łowicz, but not from this Łowicz near Gidle, but from the other one. And we had a coffee together as well. We talked and laughed. A nice morning, huh?

After the breakfast we went to school, where Piotr teaches sport. 7 Km on bicycle, a cool short morning ride. It’s been however quite a challenge to speak to the firstgraders and their a bit older school friends. The biggest attractions from the meeting:

  • measuring the bike helmet
  • measuring the bike gloves
  • lifting up the bike (oooh, it’s really heavy!)
  • a photo with a bike.

I managed! And I’m proud of myself!

After the meeting we hit the road together with Piotr. There was a hummus break (yes, Ala, the one from you!) and after 25 Km of cycling together we hugged each other goodbye, Piotr cycled back to train his pupils football and I kept cycling towards Czestochowa, along the quite hilly road.

Once I saw this, I knew that the voievodships must have changed on the way and that I’ve been already in Silesia:

Now I’m with Beata. We chat, we work, we write. I got freshly fragrant bedclothes again. Which means I’m home again. Piotr said that home is a place with atmosphere, the one you want to go back to. And that when you feel that you want to go back, it’s home.

Częstochowa, 18 September 2015