Today was tough. Google maps showed 82 Km, eventually it turned out to be 90 Km. It was super windy today, which wasn’t really helpful. And I had a little crisis around 60th k.., but after a short break I overcame it somehow. And I’m in Tomaszów with Ala. That feels really good..

What I want to remember after today?

  • when it’s downthehill, it’s going to be upthehill as well, so don’t be too happy about it 😉
  • asking people about the way makes sense!
  • big trucks are nothing but a nightmare
  • compote is good for everything (like a chocolate! but there was no chocolate today)
  • I’m hungry every two hours.. (not every three hours, well..)
  • apples, apples, apples! That’s what I’ve seen today. Apples everywhere!
  • getting ready in the morning took me three hours. I should probably excersice it a bit more to make it at least a little shorter

I’ve learnt from Agata about Grójec that it was a half-Jewish city before the war. And now there is only a Jewish cementary and the memory about the places: here was a synagoge, here was a rabbi’s house etc. Another thing about Grójec is that Piotr Skarga was from here. And there is a local legend that says that they wanted to make him saint (he is blessed right now), but after they exhumed his body, they noticed that the coffin was scratched, which made them unsure whethere he had maybe disowned God (after being burried alive). So they left him blessed, not saint. Well..

It was a tough day, but a good one. Do you remembert he smell of the soil in the morning after it was raining the whole night? That’s how my morning looked like. And the smell of apples lying on the ground in the sun in granny’s garden? That was the first half of today. I keep the memory of those beautiful moments. Of the change of surroundings after crossing the border between the region. Of the forests in Lodzkie Voievodship with magical mist and trees standing deep down in the green water. Of the man that stopped me in Spala and invitated me for cake and juice that gave me the energy for the last kilometers. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day as well (90 k again), but I’m going to manage it as well. Just please, keep your fingers crossed!

Tomaszow Mazowiecki, 16 September 2015