10 truths about going for a bike adventure (after the first day of a bike adventure):

  1. Rear view mirror is the best friend of a cyclist (thank you dad! ❤ )
  2. Riding through the forests is cool – you don’t have to worry where to pee..
  3. A bike with bike bags doesn’t stand on its own. Or it does but only for the moment. Lifting the bike with bike bags up from the ground is definitely not my favourite thing to do. Conculsion: a bike with bike bags should be proped against something. The end of conclusion.
  4. Lukas said: “you’re going to eat a lot”. He was right.
  5. Kami said: “it doesn’t matter what you’re going to do, your ass will hurt anyway”. She was right.
  6. The chocolate is good for everything. It’s yummy even with the salt. It’s always yummy.
  7. A new mantra: “After each upthehill there will be downthehill. Probably”.
  8. A new wisdom: It’s better to check your map TOO often instead of getting lost and cycling additional ten kilometers along the high speed road because there is no other around (remember to repeat it like a mantra, especially when the thought “oh, it’s this way for sure!” is coming dangerously close to your mind).
  9. Cycling 30 Km/h down the hill on a bike with bike bags feels like having no control over your bike. Well, you probably have no control over your bike..
  10. After you reach Grójec and you cycle all around for 40 minutes to find your destination which doesn’t look like appearing any time soon, sit down and relax. You are going to meet three guys from Motorcycle Club Wind Grójec to offer you a cup of a hot chocolate and to help you to find your destination. Which is four minutes bike ride from where you’ve just sat down.

Grójec, 15 September 2015