So, it’s one week to go. Next Tuesday this time I will already be on my way, cycling to Grójec to meet Agata. Agata wrote me that the dinner will be at 5pm, so luckily for me, I don’t have to hurry that much.

What happened recently and what’s still on my to do list?

Already happened:

  • the plan for Poland has been created and I’ve got already some contacts to the Czech Republic
  • I’m in a friends meeting phase, so much time spent on saying goodbyes

Still to do:

  • buy few missing things: few clothes (especially the ones for rain as I got completely wet yesterday), few cosmetics, few maps
  • go to the hairdresser
  • finalize the issues with my flat
  • finish several articles I’m still thinking about writing
  • meet few more friends
  • organize the Center of Young Women at the 7th Congress of Women, during which I’m also going to moderate several meetings but also to present Girl on Bike
  • organize a final meeting with friend on Sunday
  • get ready on Monday

Not much, huh?

Warsaw, 8 September 2015