A local newspaper has published an article about my bike trip’s plan. The trip itself is not such a big deal – it’s just a bike trip, from Warsaw to Istanbul, maybe not an ordinary thing (at least not for me), but also nothing really unique. On the other hand – it feels really nice that the plan has been noticed and that there was someone who wanted to write about it.

Several comments have been published under the article :

  • “I think you should ride around Ryjewo and then around Poland and speak with ordinary people (not with local elites like e.g. in Ryjewo), but with those that have been debased by the party you are supporting. I can guarantee that this is much more tragic than the stories from the Balkans” – wrote lolek (logged as a guest).
  • “She will be cut into kebaps in Istanbul! And they are going to create a local bus for driving kids out of her bike. I’m curious who is sponsoring her? Dad or mum?” – wrote Polski Murzyn (a Polish Nygga) – also logged as a guest. And then added: “That’s a pity she is doing that for other people’s money instead of her owns! Time to start working after a few years of studying and not begging in the Internet! There won’t be a civilization’s jump and the Green Island here with such idlers around!”
  • mieszkaniec (resident) – also logged as guest – added: “Ms Traveller will not let to make herself into a kebap becasue she used to work for the Cogress of Women. She will bring the torch of learning taken from Ms Sroda into the Muslim countries and she will now teach them how they should treat women 😉 Well, good luck.”

As such an unpleasant wave of comments has never happened to me personally before, I started to wonder, what makes people write such things, namely: claiming to know better than me what I’m going to speak about in the Balkan countries and that these are going to be tragic stories only; knowing my political views and the party I’m supporting; staying publicaly racist and xenophobic; being curious though where do I take the money from and not being satisfied that there are other people willing to support me; knowing I’m an idler doing nothing, but knowing I’ve been studying at the same time (good research!); and eventually having knowledge about where I’ve been working befor, they know also all my secret plans.”

The time I’ve spent on writing this article is probably not worth it. But as such thing happened to me for the very first time, I felt I needed to express it.

At the same time I keep looking at the link to the article published on Facebook with almost 70 “likes” and comments of a very different kind: “I will keep my fingers crossed”, “good luck”, “safe trip” – signed by people’s own names and surnames.

And it only makes me wonder why people lose their time to write such comments, especially when they don’t want to sign them with their names and surnames. At the end of the day they know what opinions they have and they are not ashamed to speak them out loud anonymously. Why not sign it officialy and show the face then?

ignore the drama

Warsaw, 8 September 2015