Today is 55th day since I started to think about this project. In a week and one day there will be two months. Two months. In two weeks without one day, I will be already on my way.

The last update about the project’s progress I posted on 16th August, that is two and a half weeks ago. It was just after I opened the project on Polak Potrafi and the whole craziness started. Those three weeks were full of really hard work and the most difficult part of it was to cross my own border and go out of my comfort zone of being an independent and self-sufficient person into asking people to help me to make my dreams come true.

After sending dozens of e-mails every day I was not able to write any new blog posts. I was done with my creativity. I couldn’t fall asleep in the night thinking about what will happen if I don’t collect the money or what if people say it is a stupid idea (So what, damn it?!). So I kept getting up in the middle of the night and sending e-mails (those who received them in the middle of the night know) and during the day I kept answering to all the e-mails and messages I have received in the meantime, becasue the most important for me was to make every single person feel as important as their support was for me. In those three weeks I got supported financially by almost one hundred people, unlifted by many many more.

In this whole craziness I tried to get out of the computer from time to time (especially during the weekends), not to get mad. Well, anyway during the weekends people are enjoying their lifes and not pay money for crowdfunding projects. So I also tried to enjoy my life – I kept meeting with my high-school friend Ania, going for several bike rides, visiting granny, getting visited by several friends from Warsaw, going for family trips. But at the back of my head I was constantly thinking – am I going to collect those money or not?

I kept creating lists of all sorts – have I thanked everyone already? How does the budget look like at the moment? What do I still have to buy? What should I take? What should I not? Take the bike to the workshop. Order the bike wheels (what kind of wheels? I know nothing about the wheels!). Buy a saddle (how should I know which saddle will be fine?). Order bike bags (which colour? Which size?). Buy bike helmet (which one will be a good one?). Buy cycling gloves (I want pink ones!). Go to the radio – it will be good for the project and for yourself (what if I get so stressed that I will not be able to say anything?). These kinds of internal dialogues were my bread and butter (well, still somehow are..).

After those three weeks I’ve got a bike ready. I’ve got bike bags. I’ve got most of the bike equipment and accessories. And when I got back home on Friday from Warsaw I found a copy of a local newspaper “Kurier Powiatu Kwidzyńskiego” with an article about my trip. Almost whole page long. Yesterday morning Magda from the Bike Workshop in Kwidzyn at Krasickiego St. 20 called me and said “Kasia, we’ve been talking about you with my husband during the weekend and we’d like to present you a saddle for this trip. You just have to come and choose the one you like”. I was at a loss for words.

And you know what – I guess this is how it is. Dozens of e-mails to different media sent and not a single one came back. People from teh radio station number four (Mateusz, Kasia and Karina – thank you!!) found me on their own on Polak Potrafi’s website – and invited me to three different broadcasts. An article in Kurier was published because it was seen by my sister’s friend who works for them (thank you Mr Arkadiusz, the author of the article!). And I became friends with Magda from the Bike Workshop, becasue we’ve spent hours on chatting while my numerous visits at the workshop and I know that they really keep their fingers crossed for me. There is almost 600 people on FB who keep their fingers crossed for me as well.

I am so stupid to take it to my heart that no one from those damn media is answering. They are not answering, that’s true. SO WHAT?

Kurier Powiatu Kwidzyńskiego, 28 September 2015, p. 10
Kurier Powiatu Kwidzyńskiego, 28 September 2015, p. 10

Warsaw, 2 September 2015