During the weekend I decided to cut myself off a bit from Girl on Bike, its FB fanpage, money collection etc. Of course I have not managed to do it 100% and I checked FB and Polak Potrafi’s platform from time to time, but I have not sent a single “work” e-mail. But I’ve done a lot of other stuff and again magic things started to happen!

I went to visit my granny on Saturday. And suddenly, out of the blue, we started to talk with granny about the past and granma told me a lot of family stories. So I slowly started to analyze what is going on and it looks like I am: 1/4 from current Podkarpacie (granny Halina), 1/4 from where my parents currently live (grandpa Bruno), 1/4 from Zamojszczyzna (grandpa Roman) and 1/4 from Warmia (granny Maria). Which makes qiute an interesting mix and explains a bit my constant need of moving around!

So on Saturday I was listening to the stories of my greatgrandparents and greatgreatgrandparents (from my granny’s side), stories about Katyn, Lviv, Argentina, Detroid, Warsaw reconstruction, displacements, Russian soldiers etc. etc. The biggest (and most amazing!) surprise was a diary of my greatgrandpa (my granny’s dad), which I have received from granny. We’ve talked about it years ago, but the diary itself did not belong to grandma. She knew however that I’m interested in our family’s story and I’m a bit rummaging in our past. So she has extracted it for me. Amazing! The diary of my greatgrandpa Jozef, who started writing it at a day of his wedding with my greatgrandma Stefania at 10 April 1939. I had tears in my eyes!

With granny Halina listening to family stories

And on Sunday I took my whole family for a trip to Kadyny. Kadyny – a place where my dad used to live for the first 10 years of his life (0 to 10). So we went there and my dad was telling us – here was a school (a restaurant now), here was a dayroom where I have watched “Winnetou” for the first time and I cried my heart out, and here is Bazynski’s Oak Tree – second oldest oak tree in Poland, here was wood depot where I used to play with my buddies, here was a playground where we played football.. And we were driving through this tiny village (of around 450 inhabitants right now), dad was spinning the stories, I was taking the pictures, and we all were listening. And eventually we have decided to ring the doors, where dad lived as a child and where he has not been since… 1970! One day in the past I have met the woman who lives there right now – Ms Magda at the Congress of Women in Elblag and she had invited me/us to visit herself one day. And that’s how I have introduced myself now. We stayed there for half an hour, told each other different stories, started to getting to know each other a bit. Dad asked to take a picture of him unter the grapevine, where he had exactly the same one taken (exactly!) 50 years ago! I need to find it now and put the two of them together.

Dad and grapevine
Dad and grapevine

We went to the nearby beach after that and then to Pogrodzie, where dad was born (I know now in which house exactly!), and to Tolkmicko, where was was supposed to go to the fourth grade, but then his parents have moved to Ryjewo (Rio).

I’m writing this all not to forget, to keep memory of those moments. Becasue I believe they are quite magical and we need to collect such magical memories.

Rio (Ryjewo), 23 August 2015