I made up such a plan. I’ll try to have the project on Polak Potrafi ready on Thursday and slowly slowly, no telling it officially to anyone, I’ll try to collect the first one thousand (which is 20% of what I need) until the end of the weekend. The first step worked out – the project was up and running on Thursday morning and my sister was the one to make the first payment. But not only has she made the payment, but she has also written about it on her FB wall: “my sista wants to make her dream come true but needs some dough” attaching the link to the . And then it started! An avalanche I’ve been completely not ready for. Some shares, first payments and after two hours I had… 450 PLN! So not only almost half of what I wanted to have until the end of the weekend, but also with so many positive emotions that I didn’t actually know how to handle that! But at the same time I didn’t know how to operate the system as suddenly there have been many different options that didn’t really work together with each other, so I started panicking..

Then comes my sista again. Sooo mastered. She sits down next to me and says “Chill down, give it to me, I’ll log in and check what’s going on”. And I think this is what the sisters have been invented for: to be next to you the-moment-you-need-them-the-most-but-you-didn’t-know-it-was-going-to-be-then. So we kept sitting together, talking and solving the problems. I eventually answered everything I could, chatted with a lot of people and regreted a bit that I couldn’t meet them here and now what would be just wonderful (and which made me grew a bit sad). The inability of having the situation under control on my own (the system was getting a bit crazy), made me decide to write the message to Polak Potrafi and point out all my questions. In the meantime my sister said “I go to paint the fence now” and was gone. She left me alone, staring at the computer and pushing the “refresh” button pending the answer from Polak Potrafi. But I eventually decided that it doesn’t really make much sense, so I joined her. And we’ve painted the fence together. In brown (obviously I was a bit dissapointed it was not in pink!).

my sista & me!
My sista & me: “fresh paint”

Polak Potrafi repaired the system in the meantime and at the end of the day I got 710 PLN collected, which was already 14% of what I need to collect in total.

Thank you Karolina, Marta, Małgosia, Kamila, Beata, Justyna, Asia, Daniel, Maja and Adam! You made my day yesterday! ❤

Rio (Ryjewo), 14 August 2015