dream with your heart

Yesterday was exactly one month sine Girl on Bike came alive. Or maybe on-line I should say. A month ago I have submitted the first project proposal to Polak Potrafi, I got immediatelly rejected, fell into despair and a couple of hours later that I’m going to fight for this dream until it will either get fulfilled or dead.

This project sometime really crosses all my possible expectations. Sometime so much that I really just feel like taking this bike and running away, not to face every-day-growing-before-you-leave-to-do-list and all possible questions-tasks-challenges I myself give to myself. On the other hand it has released so much of a positive energy that it’s kind of difficult to believe. So many beautiful things have happened.

And if I had to say what is THE ONE THING I like about this project the most, I’d say its inclusiveness and how much positivene associations it brings. And that it has those different parts of “joyful” and “thankful” facebook fanpage and more “emotional” and “documentative” blogging part.

And you can talk about this project with everyone, and everyone will feel included and will have a right to comments. This is somethig I didn’t think about at the very beggining of this story. Becasue if someone like bike rides or any other sportish stuff, there is something about it in here. If someone likes to read and likes the other people – likewise. If someone likes challenges, it’s challenges every day. And if someone likes  girl and women related project, then there is A LOT about it.

But most of all it’s a project about emotions. And passion. And dreams. And joy. And that’s what connects us all, isn’t it?

what we all want in life

Rio (Ryjewo), 11 August 2015