I’m not blogging again! And I know that later on I will regret it. So I just forced myself right now to write this short summary of the last days.

Yesterday night I submitted the proposal to Polak Potrafi. And that means that Nikodem has finished working on the video and on the graphics and that I have finished with the text and the proposal itself. And eventually was courageous enough to click “send for verification” button. It’s been partly a relief, but on the other hand the waiting part has started, which is not that cool itself. And I have also realized that it was already after midnight when I have submitted this proposal. And that means that I’ve done it exactly one month after my first blog post on Girl on Bike. So when Girl on Bike was somehow born alive. But there will be another, separate blog post about it!

So early in the morning I got the answer from Polak Potrafi – they really act fast! They have accepted the project (yay!), they have sent a huuuuge and extremely helpful list “How to get ready for campaigning” which I’m slowly going through right now but they have also questioned the quality of the sound in the video. So I started the action “let’s record the sound once again” early in the morning. I have recorded it on the laptop so far – and let’s see after Niko will be back home in the evening, whether the new one with some wind blows at the back, will be good enough this time. I would like to start campaigning on 15th August the latest, which will be exactly one month before the travel. Aha, because in the meantime I have changed the departure date from 30th August into 15th September.

recording the voice in my parents' garden
recording the voice in my parents’ garden

In the last two days I have chosen and organized two photo galleries on the blog (Palestine + Jordan) – to have something to get back to in the moments of doubts. Looking at the photos usually help – it’s always good to look at them and then think “it was worth and effort that time, so it will be worth an effort this time as well”. I have prepared also a lost of things I can ask the potential sponsors for, and the list of potential sponsors. And now I’m going to prepare a sponsoring offer for them. And then keep sending, and sending, and sending..

Beata has sent a list of travel blogs and media. I made a list of all the people I can ask to help me to reach media.

I spend the whole days in front of the computer. My dad told me yesterday: “You do nothing but computer all the time!”. Well, yes, I do. There is no other way to organize all of that. At least I have a lot of space and silence around – and that helps a lot!

Rio (Ryjewo), 10 August 2015