Last two days I’ve been working a lot on Girl on Bike’s project. Huh! My “to do list” is so long already that I decided to create (attention attention, some of the people know exatcly what THAT means) an EXCEL SPREADSHEET! And now I have every day in a spreadsheet: what should happen that day + what I should do every day – before I leave. And it looks like it’s not even full time job now, it’s like double time at least!

I met Marta – a communication specialist working for Grayling Poland a few days ago and it was a very good meeting. Marta has advised me a lot about social media and what I should connect with what and how to do it. And she was sharing her experiences and ideas about different travel bloggers and their communication strategies. I kept writing it all down and thinking which of them suit my idea and which don’t. Marta, Ben – thank you, guys, for sharing and supporting!

I decied to make all possible lists as well (yes, not only I am in love with the excel spreadsheets but in all kinds of lists as well), becasue there are too many things in head already. As a result I created:

  • a list of books that I want to read becasue of my bike trip (but not necessarily BEFORE my bike trip, I’m trying to be realistic…)
  • a list of all the fears I have (not to keep them inside my, but to let the ghosts out)
  • a list of all the titles of the posts I want to write
  • a list of all sentences, quotes – that I have heard or I have read and which I don’t want to forget (+ the info about the source)
  • a list of all webites, blogs, travel media that I could cooperate with (and Beata has agreed to help me with that, thank you, Beata!)
  • a list of all the topic that I would like to write one day but becasue I’m busy now with one thousand other things, I’m not able to focus on that now, but I still want to do it the other day..
  • a list of all the projects and ideas that I want to do on my way, besides the main one which is story writing.

Yes, I definitely love the lists as well…

I’ve been in touch with Polak Potrafi as well and I got to know that it is possible to receive some money from aborad. So the whole day yestedray (before I left Warsaw) and the day before yesterday I spent on translating my project into English. Actually at the moment there are only a few graphics missing + the video (the most important!) an I should soon be ready to submit the proposal. Nikodem has promised that he will try to finish it by Saturday (which is tomorrow), so I would really really like to submit it on Sunday and I hope to be able to start money collection at the beginning of the next week, becasue the time is shrinking so quickly..

Yaelle, that has hosted me those last couple of days, has advised me also on my blog – that I should consider separating the “reflective” posts from the “bike” posts. And I really think it’s a good idea, so the most of the day today I’ve spent on skimming over all the posts written so far (which is always an interesting process itself!) and I eventually shared them into three categories: 1. “day by day” – where I’m going to publish about stricte bike project related issues only and how did I make this project happen; 2. “bike stories” – the most important part, where I want to publish the stories from the road, that is not about me but from the road; 3. “varia” – where I will keep posting all kinds of reflections that is associations, sorrows, longings, considerations; well, “varia” in one word.

I’ve been riding yesterday with a blablacar from Warsaw to Rio (to my parents’ place) and it turned out that the driver and his girlfriend both do work in Polish Radio and they have offered to talk to a friend of them from the radio that might be interested in my project. That would be pretty awesome!

I also keep struggling with the social media and it takes most of my time – how to connect all of them together: a blog + Facebook + Instagram + Polak Potrafi’s project, so I spend a lot of time on reading, learning and questioning (thank you, Paula, for all the consultations!).

Aha, and we were also shooting this video for Polak Potrafi three days ago – with Nikodem, Beata, Magda & Paula. It’s been sooo stressfull and I think I could win the category of “the best ‘making of’ actress”, but not really “the best actress”. Here is how it looked like, more or less:

And now is the time to go back to work!

Ps. It turns out that the very first post I have published on 10th July, which means it will be a month very soon since this blog has been created. Wow!

Rio (Ryjewo), Poland, 7 August 2015