So the whoooole day yesterday I was working on Girl on Bike or actually on my Polak Potrafi profile. What is more! I was creating a film scenario as well – for the very first time in life! I’m actually extremelly stressed about this film becasue I have never done anything like that and I have no idea about it. But I watched some other films which other people did and I eventually started creating the idea for my own one. And I sent it for consultations – I’m already receiving some comments! Nikodem agreed to shoot on Tuesday afternoon – maybe a bit late, but some things cannot be speeded up, so I just simply accepted it.

I also work a lot on gathering the team and the most urgent issue is to find someone, who is a communication specialist to consult the whole process and all my ideas. I have no clue about it which makes me feel totally lost. Although I received a lot of good advices from the Polak Potrafi team, I need to sit down with someone professional, who will just spend some time with me and using his/her knowledge and skills, will advice what I should do and how to do it step by step. I keep sending different e-mails now and let’s see what the result will be. Fingers crossed!

I also decided yesterday to create a gallery with pictures from the countries I have visited and I will visit – because this is usually the place I visit on other people’s websites. The idea came to my mind after I visited the website of a cyclist couple – Własna Droga – thank you, guys, for the inspiration! And hell yeah, they have the real adventures and really really good pictures – check it on your own!

Aha, and probably the most important thing for today – more for today than yesterday actually. I decided that I will make an official announcment of the website’s FB fanpage today! I just thought that it’s probably a good moment, because it’s exactly one month before I will departure. Which makes me think that one month only and I will be back on track, yay!

I’m also quite worried that I will not make it but I try not to focus on that too much.. And I started to think what will happen if I delay the departure. But I really really hope it will not be the case!

And in the evening I just got this information that I cannot take Peggy with me to Istanbul. Peggy with her story and our story, unfortunately, has to stay in Poland.

Peggy during my bike trip to Hel (April 2015)
Peggy during my bike trip to Hel (April 2015)

But that means that I need a new bike, which is another thing I have to add to my (constantly growing) “to do list”. Finding a bike doesn’t sound optimistic as for the bike trip starting in one month, which means the priorities do change and I need to figure out, how to solve this problem. “Challenge” – if we would like to call it a bit more sophisticated way! I have one idea and I’m in the process of checking it.. fingers crossed!

Good news:

– I opened a FB fanpage and sent the invitations to my friends today – at the end of day one of its official existence, I got 137 “likes”. Let’s see how dynamic the situation will be!

– I sent my ideas for Polak Potrafi to three different people that work professionally with PR/communication/advertisment and all of them agreed to help! This is such a wonderful information! So we are having one meeting on Sunday morning to discuss the ideas about the film, but also to work on the communication strategy!

I also had a very very good and productive meeting with Paulina. And I’m really happy to say that she is willing to join Girl on Bike’s team, yay!

Cracow, Poland, 30 July 2015