I’ve learned how to celebrate birthday after I got to know Magda some years ago. It happened, I think, early April, a few weekes before her birthday. Shortly after she joined our team, Magda started to speak about how much she can’t wait for her birthday. “Weird” – I thought then – “Birthday is a day like any other day, maybe even a little worse because one would like it to be a nice day, but it’s only full of dissapointments, because nobody remembers”. But Magda kept being happy, hummed and was telling us all of kind birthday- and presents-related stories. So the big day eventually came. And all the people in the office were happy together with Magda, including me, who kept watching it all with eyes wide open. Magda had so much joy in herself that all of us shared that joy. She seemed to be the happiest person in the world after each present she got, each wishes she heard and each hug she received. And I think she was. Since then I decided that I will also try to be happy becasue of my birthday, but it took me a while to learn it. Mainly becasue I had to learn this lesson that joy can be something good. And those days it’s a bit like.. I can’t really wait my birthday the moment I know it’s getting closer and closer.

project happiness

So it was a very good day yesterday. It was good becasue I wanted it to be this way. Because all those people around me made it this way. Their smiles, wishes, hugs, telephone calls – they all matter to me so much. And I’ve learnt to be happy of every single one. Thank you, Magda, you were the greatest teacher of joy I ever had!

Cracow, Poland, 28 July 2015