There is one memory from two lovely days in a kibbutz Nahal Oz which just came to my mind and which I decided to share. It came now when I started having some more doubts about my bike project again..

In a kibbutz I had a chance to take part in a Shabbat dinner with Yaelle’s family. It felt like one of my life dreams just suddenly came true – I always wanted to have this big family Christmas gathering and even though it was not Christmas and even though it was not my biological family, the warmth I was surrounded by just simply made me feel very emotional. And I got what I always wanted to get.

So everybody seemed enjoying the family time. There was no stress visible. Everybody just brought some food, so in 15 or 20 minutes we all sat down, started eating and chatting. And the same way after the dinner all was suddenly cleaned, the leftovers were packed and everybody took something with them. With no stress at all. But what was so amazing for me to watch, were those strong and deep relations between the family members.

They all seemed to share their plans and ideas between each other, the others were happy to listen. There was some political talks but no arguments. Well, it was just a perfect time!

Shabbat Shalom!
Shabbat Shalom with Wisznicki Levi family!

And I think that this is what we miss so much in Poland. To have people who believe in our dreams. And who would tell us: “Yalla! Go for it! Only if you try, you will know if it was worth it. And you have us in here to support you every minute you will need it”. I believe that this is what makes Israelis all not to be afraid to try. And what makes Poles not try at all.

I remembered this moment very much now, one week after being back to Poland, having several conversations with different people around, closer and further friends of mine. Who rather seemed to be shocked and maybe somehow amazed by the idea of a bike ride. But nobody actually has asked me “How do you feel about it?” and “How can I support you?”. To questions I’d actually appreciate the most.

We are all very busy with all our own projects and we don’t happen to see those who sometimes would need a word of support. Yes, I have a lot of fears with this project, I don’t know how I will manage hours on a bicycle, carrying all the stuff with me, sleeping alone in a tent, being lonely, being out of the contact zone most of the time. Yes, you can keep pointing all my fears. Well, it doesn’t help. Really.

So I’m really happy having those very few people around who happen to believe that I can do it and that I can count on them. And that it’s worth an effort. Surprisingly or not, most of them don’t come from Poland.

Warsaw, Poland, 26 July 2015