So, I had this photo session yesterday with Nikodem and I came back home soooo tired – it’s qiute surprising how exhausting the modelling can be! But I actually think that we really don’t appreciate other people’s work until we don’t experience on our own how much of an effort it is.

One of my friends told me recently that he pays honor to all the politicians because at certain point he himself got engaged in the politics and he realized that working on all acts and bills requires a lot of work and work and work. Much more than it seemed.

So actually my photo session was nothing probably if you compare it with all those professional models becasue I didn’t have all bunch of people expecting from me. Instead I had two amazing people with me – Nikodem who took photos and kept talking to me to make me feel more relaxed and Beata who was helping us and kept me laughing as well. To sum up – it was really really unique and wonderful experience and the effects will be available very soon.

Alright, just one photo now!

Warsaw, Poland, 25 July 2015