We have a logo, we have a map!

It’s been a long day, full of good messages and very intensive meetings! Just to quickly sum up:

1) Rafal agreed for all my ideas, so it looks like Girl on Bike will start cooperation with Plan Planeta very soon! All we need to so is to discuss the details – I’m sooo happy!

2) We’ve made a huuuge progress with Niko, which means – we have a logo and we have a map – here you can see both!


Now I really feel like we made it and I’m so proud of all of us and that this project is progressing. Tomorrow a session and final photos to shoot. Which means – I’d like to finish this project during the upcoming weekend – to be ready with it on Monday for my birthday. And to be able to start thinking about sponsors, partners and patronages of the project.

Warsaw, Poland, 22 July 2015