Nikodem has sent a logo. I think it’s perfect! I only need to see the pink version and then decide – pink one or a black one.

We’ve also agreed that Beata will join us for the Friday photo session as she always wanted to work with another photographer – so I hope to get some backstage photos as well!

And I also got an e-mail from Rafal with the ideas about cooperation with Plan Planeta. I have to reply to him and I hope that there will be something out of it!

Ideas for the projects (results):

  • at least 10 stories from the road
  • my diary written on an (almost) daily basis
  • a one-second-a-day movie
  • one-photo-a-day story
  • photo sessions with a bike in the cities I’m going to visit – bike promotion of the cities! For sure: Warsaw (Beata, Nikodem), Krakow (ask Lukas), Katowice (ask Rafal and Ania), Vienna (ask Matthias), Belgrade (ask Mirko), Sarajevo (ask Olja?), Athens (whom to ask??), Istanbul (ask Ela W.?), Tel Aviv (ask Yaelle), Jerusalem (??), Amman (ask Lucas)

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015