lena dunham not that kind of girl

Today was a day full of stories. Here is one of them:

The story started actually I don’t know when, but we can say that maybe yesterday when Borys the Hairdresser didn’t happen to appear for the second time to cut my hair. I took telephone and called the same hair salon that saved my life (or my hair actually) a day before I flew to Israel some months ago.

A nice lady on the phone asked me which hairdresser I want to go to, I said that I don’t know, so she says “Ms Iwona will cut your hair tomorrow at noon”. “Fine”, I said becasue I actually have plenty of time right now, so I don’t need to hurry up and any time suits me perfectly.

I came there today and I see exactly the same one (I know now that her name is Iwona) and I think – cool becasue I liked it the last time, so it will also be good this time. And then Ms Iwona looks at me ans says “Good morning, you have left a book the last time you were here” and then she opens a drawer and I see a book of Lena Dunham “Not that kind of girl”, which I was reading here three months ago (exactly three months ago, a day before I had my flight to Tel Aviv). And I see in my imagination all the pictures from my bike trip to Hel, when I was sitting in front of the sealarium waiting for Natalia (a girl I met on my way from Bolivia to Peru) eating my couscous, watching the see and reading a book. In April it was!

Couscous lunch and Lena Dunham's book on my bike trip to Hel
Couscous lunch and Lena Dunham’s book on my bike trip to Hel

I look at Ms. Iwona and say with incredulity in my eyes “Do you remember me?” And she answers that of course and that she was wondering whether I will be back and that she didn’t have my telephone number so she didn’t have a way to contact me about the book. And I say that I asked someone to pick it up but I actually don’t even remember whom but it doesn’t matter any more. Ms Iwona says “I will give you the book back, I’ve almost finished it”. “No, no” – I answer – “you have to finish it now. I have read it already!”. But I take it into my hands, flip through the pages from three months ago, see the parts I marked back then and I realize why they are still true.

So, Ms Iwon keeps reading a book and I have beautiful hair. I love the stories with a happy ending, yay!

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015