Observations from being back – there are a few types of people in a way they confront and communicate with a person that has been abroad and they have not seen for a while:

  1. A person that has been back recently from somewhere / a foreigner living in Poland – full understanding of a cultural shock connected with being back in your homecountry. You are allowed to speak what you feel, what surprises you, what makes you feel upset and how much you are unable to find a place for yourself. You will find a total understanding.
  2. A person that tries to speak with you by making his/her statements about the country you just came from but the person knows everything about, becasuse he/she happened to be there once upon a time. Or not.
  3. A person that requires from you a lot of “musts” and “have-to’s” and other explanations to whatever you are trying to say, like “you HAVE TO have more forbearance for people in here”, “you’ve been away for three months only”, “you CAN’T have a grudge”, “people don’t have time because they are working” (so don’t expect them to have time to meet you!) etc. Well, the third type happens, unfortunately, quite often.. Too often, maybe.

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015