I met Nikodem today (which is a story on its own, not Nikodem (well, Nikodem probably as well, but this is still a story I need to discover more!) but a friendship of mine and Niko). The first time I met him was ages ago in a completely different life I had. But we were supposed to have another photo session today, which was rescheduled from Sunday to today, because Paula couldn’t do on Sunday and I thought that I’ve already had one session with Beata and I cannot make just a technical another one – I need to have a connection with a photographer becasue otherwise I will have a smile like cat’s ass, so ceased. So I said “Listen, Nikodem, let’s meet, talk, I will tell you about the project and then we will see”. And so we did – in Wrzenie Świata with a big pot of white tea with rose. And we talked. And talked. And talked. And it feels so good now. Ha! Even very good. As a result we first scheduled the new session for tomorrow, but then we rescheduled it for Friday. So actually it’s still three days to go, but I already can’t wait, becasue it looks like it’s going to be fun! And again a lot of unnecesary fears that it’s going to be cat’s ass becasue it looks like not (I hope!).

Aha, and Niko has sent also a new logo. After I told him that I actually want one without a bicycle and with letters only and maybe something like Life Good Morning, because their logo looks really cool. And we are already almost there. Tomorrow morning, he said, he will send a new version of a logo. But the one I already have – every time I look at it, I think that I really like it! Oh, and it feels so good to have Niko on board!

And Lucas also wants to help. He actually knows this project already pretty well because we talked about it for two nights at one of the Amman’s rooftops (the nights already mentioned). So Lucas became a consultant, yay! And I’ve sent the texts to Jorge becasue I also want to know his opinion. What I’m actually afraid of is that maybe this blog is kind of too personal and that it’s somehow like an emotional exhibitionism.

So here is the plan:

  • I keep working on the content
  • Niko works on a new version of the logo
  • we do another photo session on Friday
  • I have to submit the proposal to Polak Potrafi (or Kickstater. And I actually keep thinking more and more about the second option, but still haven’t decided..)
  • I need to work on FB and Instagram and I think also maybe I’ll do this #girlonbike hashtag.. (no-idea-about-all-this-social-media-stuff…)
  • aha, and Niko will make the graphic design of the route, I just need to show it to him in details (do it tomorrow morning!)
  • create a FB event about money collection
  • I also need to prepare description of the project to communicate (like a base to have)
  • I need to think, whom I want to ask about the patronage (the embassies of the countries I’m going to go through, Women’s Congress..) and think about sponsoring
  • and I need to think whom I know on my route and have to ask them about a place to stay!

Warsaw, Poland, 21 July 2015