I arrived in the middle of the night. My flight from Tel Aviv to Warsaw arrived to a Polish capital at 0.20. Which means I was back home at 1.30. And I immediatelly called Agata as she happened not to be asleep and we chatted for another hour or so. So eventually I went to sleep around 3 am.

A photo meeting with Beata was scheduled for 2 pm. So I had this lazy morning, hanging by myself with noone around. I was quite stressed becasue you actually never know how it’s going to be and I don’t really like myself on the photos. But.. Beata was just incredible. She made me laugh all the time and we have really enjoyed the time together. All in all the session took over five hours and we finished just 20 minutes before the huge storm over Warsaw started. I felt very welcome back to the city!

And couple of hours later I got all the photos! They are just incredible! And I think this one especially expresses how I felt for the whole time with Beata:

In Lazienki Park, Warsaw
In Lazienki Park in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland, 19 July 2015