A desert is a place where only the magic things are happening. And it turns out that the Jordanian desert is the next desert visited and the next one that seems to be my own little heaven on Earth.

Ahmad and me in Wadi Rum, Jordan
Ahmad and me in Wadi Rum, Jordan

I arrived to Wadi Rum to a little Bedouin camp (six double tents, two dorm tents, toilets, shower!) owned by Ahmad. This camp is not a regular camp – despite the fact that everything is so minimalistic and simple in here, it is very practical and comfortable as well. Everything has a place and is here for a reason. And the time passes so slowly in here.. Those moments I’ve spent lying down and stargazing – these are the ones I will remember for a looong time.

At the same time I’m planning my last week in the Middle East. Still ahead of me – today the desert (Wadi Rum), tomorrow and the day after tomorrow – Petra, then Amman and three last days in israel. And next Sunday I’ll be back to Poland. It still feels so unreal!

Wadi Rum, Jordan, 11 July 2015