Aqaba, Jordan
Aqaba, Jordan

Action: Girls on the bikes! ready, steady, go! Today was a day really full of activities and emotions.

I woke up early in the morning and worked out all the details for my project proposal for Polak Potrafi, the Polish crowdfunding platform. After weeks of working on it, I eventually decided that I was already courage enough to apply. So I did! After receiving an e-mail with an informaiton that the verification proces can last up to 48 hours, I continued with other activities I have planned for today. But surprisingly, I got the answer already after one hour and.. it was a negative answer. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind: so much work for nothing! How is that possible? Does it mean that I’m not going to do it?? And all those thoughts were a mix of sadness, anger and dissapointment.

After a couple of hours I thought: wait wait! Does it mean that I’ve given up so quickly, just after I started? After I saw all those sparks in people eyes when I was telling them about my idea? No, no. I’ll keep fighting! So, as always when necessary, I found my suport in Paula. The Polak Potrafi’s crew was also helpful when counting all the mistakes I’ve made and sending a lot of links that can be helpful when preparing a new proposal. And also enhancing me for developing my idea. Hey guys – thanks for that!

paula friendship

So, I took a deep breath, sat down in front of the computer again and started develping my project.

First of all: I started with the goal. I mean, I’m still working on it. But this time in a much more careful and calmer way, constantly asking the question: “What would I expect if I was about to support a similar idea? What will my project bring as a result for the others except everything what it will bring to me, what I already know perfectly about?”

So I keep reading, reading, reading, reading and thinking. And all those thoughts I keep writing down!

Good things that have happened today – the Girl on a Bike’s team is growing! Today I’ve been joined by Franzi from Germany and Asia, Justyna, Iza, Darek, Gosia and Kamila from Poland. And of course I have Paula in the crew, since the very beginning. And: Nikodem – working on the project’s graphic design, Beata – who agreed to take some photos and Borys, who will take care of my hair for the photos.

And I think this is what matters most at the moment – that right now I already have so many people with me! And I’m really curious how this project will develop and where it will eventually lead me to. And even though I don’t want to think that it might happen that I will not go, but after today I’m ready to think that it will be a very good experience anyway and I just need to take as much out of it as possible. To be smarter (for myself and for the others) in the future.

Aha, and one more news – Nikodem has sent the first ideas for the logo. Which means that logo is on its way and that I will present it very soon!

Aqaba, Jordan, 10 July 2015